It's all fun & games until.......
  • It's all fun & games until you loose an eye.

    Well almost.

    Even though I have a buggered eye at the moment I sort of made things worse on Wednesday tea time. I was given a full suspension mountain bike for nowt & needed a little work to get the gears & brakes to work better (Tiff's standard) So I sorted it all out & got to the last cable, mid 3 gear cogs & had to use pilars & spanner to pull taught & fasten. My glasses were getting in the way by dropping off & I took them off for 30 seconds. Stupid mistake! as I was finishing off I sneezed an slipped off the cable & put it right into my left eye socket.

    I saw cartoon stars & birds & thinking that I only grazed it I took away my hand & saw blood in my palm. Panic big time. Had to phone Jane & ended in A&E Eye hospital. Bloody lucky I was the pliars went down the side of the eye & socket cutting the eyeball & tissue. Even the doctor was a bit freaked, lucky I didn't use needle nose pliars & so now I've got to put horrid drops in that stings & makes me want to pee.

    Safety First - DIY Second!

    BTW the mountain bike is just about done
  • wow reading this makes me feel your pain
  • Eww.. nasty. had a bit of luck there that it only caught the edge and not square in. Keep them glasses on next time, hope things heal up quickly.
  • He is an idiot :eek:
  • And that says what about you, Jane? You're marrying him. :p
  • Jane S STAFF said:
    He is an idiot :eek:

    Remember what I said to you on the phone. "please don't shout at me"

    "WTF!!!!!" - ring any bells??

    My eye is a lot better, but I know that the nerves are a bit touchy at the moment with working in high heat & flour area of work & I can't afford to take time off (due to getting married to Janeybobs)

    Mountain bike is looking f'ing good, got to get rid of the paint work - black & lime green. Looking towards red, orange & yellow with flaming logo's & resetting the gear ratio from twist shift to thumb & finger dial along with long brake handles & improved C-brake shoes. Can't stand the new'ish disc systems. lock up tooooo fast buggering suspension & tyres & human bone structor.

    Now just got to borrow the air compressor & gun from my mate & another visit to hospital
  • Ive seen eye accidents in the workplace before, just makes me feel sick thinking about it. Hope you arent seeing any black spots!
  • Dude... Ouch !!!!

    Hope you make a quick and full recovery mate..... :)