God of war 2 doesn't play
  • My brand new copy of god of war 2 won't play.It says reading disc in browser but the game never comes up.The disc won't even spin and it makes this clicking sound.I've tried 3 different copies of the game(god of war 2)all brand new right out the box,no scratches or anything and none of them work.They all came from E.B.games in the annapolis mall and I can't get a refund only another copy of the same game but none of them work.All my other games,cd's,dvd's work just fine,even the ones that have a few scratches.Why won't this one game work?It can't be my ps2 if all other games work can it?Is there something wrong with god of war 2 specifically?What should I do???
  • Annapolis? Do you live in Maryland? I grew up in Laurel.

    How old is your ps2? My advice is go to the store and raise hell. It sounds dumb, but if a manager is there and you are a big enough pain they will most likely let you exchange the game for a different one of equal value.

    Other than that I don't know what to tell you.
  • This is rather an interesting issue. I've had the same problem with both God Of War and Gran Turismo 4. Both are in good state and GoW is still brand-new. Gran Turismo 4 stopped working with time, while GoW did not work at all. I didn't bother with going to exchange it for another, because I thought my PS2 was the problem.

    Meanwhile, I've bought several other games, brand-new and used, which work completely fine and raises this issue about GoW. It's rather the PS2 problem or the game disc is defective. And I still need to test my GoW copy in another PS2, tho. :/
  • u can try putting ps2 on its side. mine is old and works better sideways