PS3 backward compatibility list
  • I'll be honest, we need help! :o

    We launched a none-profit (and completely ad-free) alternative to Sony's own compatibility list. We need your help rating the games and adding comments about issues. So far we have more than 10.000 PS3 compatibility rated PSOne and PS2 games listed.

    So... Dust of those PSOne and PS2 games, put them in that shiny PS3 and get rating! :cool:

    You'll find us at PS3 Compatibility list - PSOne PS2 Games
  • We don't normally allow links to other gaming sites but this one could come in handy for those that can't find Sony's own list for backward compatibility with Emotion Engine- less PS3s.

    No offense to you guys (who went through a good bit of work to make your site look as it does) but I'm more comfortable using Sony's own list.
  • why are all yhe list in a different country?i don't see any U.?S. flag.
  • That site was made mainly for the UK and European gamers, whose PS3s are using software emulation. Because the US systems still have the PlayStation 2's chipset in there to handle playing them backward compatibility isn't nearly as much of an issue.

    When the time comes us North American gamers can check compatibility over at Sony's official North American site.