castlevania curse of darkness
  • How do you beat trevor? I need help beating him.
  • Were do you find the inacint devils? I dont know were to find them could you tell me were to find them.
  • Well, which ones do you need help with? From what I know, there still are a variety of innocent devils. There are Battle, Fairy, Bird, Devil, Pumpkin and Mage Type Devils. Do you need help with just one or with them all?
  • I need help with them all. I cant find eney of the rooms you go in to get the inicent deviles.I only have 2 inicent devils. could you tell me were to find the rooms?
  • Before I type down how to take out Trevor Belmont, you could've posted both of your doubts in one topic, but what's done is done and onwards with the help.

    Anyways, the main thing you need to do is: know how to dodge his attacks. Trevor loves to run up and pressure with combos and holy water. He will do a holy water attack from far, which will send a stream of white fire towards you that can be blocked. When he rushes in, he will do one of two combos. For his first combo he will start with his green whip and do three strikes and might end the combo with a circle of holy water. It is best to roll out of the way before the second or (for sure) third whip strike connects because you, sometimes, cannot guard it because of staggering. For his second combo, he will start out with a few punches and then move into a series of kicks. The kicks can be guarded against, but not the entire combo, so you must roll out of the way as he starts the kick portion. All of the hits of each combo can be guarded, but NOT the entire combo as Hector will start to stagger after the third hit. Even the circle of holy water can be guarded against at the end of the whip combo if it not in a series of blocked hits. He will be left open to your attack after each of these combos unless he finishes with the holy water.

    Also, his fiery charge punch cannot be guarded - you will have to time a roll or jump so that you move out of the way right before he does this move. Like his combos, he will be left wide open to attacks after the charge punch. It will seem as if you are underleveled by the little amount of life that you take from him while attacking, but that is the way the battle is set up. After you have learned his moves, he is not that hard at all. He will cease his attack after you have taken about 25% of his life.

    Well, guess that's it. I only wrote how to defeat the first time you see Trevor. If by any chance you're on the second encounter against him, do mention it please.
  • Alright then.

    - Battle Type Devil
    Since this is the second devil you obtain during the game and you have two already, there's no need to explain.

    - Bird Type Devil
    The Bird Type Innocent Devil becomes available after defeating the boss in the Mortiva Aquaducts.

    - Devil Type Devil

    The Devil Type Innocent Devil is obtained after defeating Saint Germain in the Eneomaos Machine Tower.

    - Fairy Type Devil
    Since this is the first one you get and you already have it. There's no need to explain.

    - Mage Type Devil
    The Mage Type Innocent Devil can be obtained in the Cordoval Town area towards the end.

    - Pumpkin Type Devil
    Out of all the IDs in the game, the final type, the Pumpkin, is completely optional and is not required to get past certain areas like the others.

    Since this is the last ID to get, you won't be able to find it until you get far into the last area of the game, Dracula's Castle. You can find the ID room on 6F, while passing by the halls onwards to 7F. There is a small bluish crevice in one of the rooms on 6F, you will need to use the Magic Circle ability from your Devil-type. It may be hard to notice, so try to pay attention or you may miss it. After entering the room, you will notice that you don't automatically get it like the others. You need a Pumpkin Mace first, and then have to strike the pumpkin with that.

    Except the Pumpkin Type Devil, all are relatively easy to obtain, you just need to raise them so that they can aid you in battle more effectively.
  • Everything now tied together into one thread to make things easier to find. Nice work Massaki. B)