Socom Navy Seals PS2 Help
  • Hi there,

    When I am playing Socom Navu Seals I can't seem to find all 3 TOW's.
    I want to know how to find the 3 TOW's (I think this is on Level 7?).
    I can find 2 of them... but struggle to find the 3rd!

    Help with this is most appreciated!
  • There is one under the hut, trapped behind the barbwire fences, The POW can be reached via the stairs inside the shack.

    Hope this is what your were askin' for Adam, if ya need any futher help just ask. We are here to help.
  • Thanks heaps Mate... but I already knew about that one.
    Do I have to be stealth as to not alert the guards?
    The ones I know about are the one tied to the post and the one underneath the shack.. but I can't seem to locate the 3rd one.
  • Head toward the caves. On the way, you'll find another shack lying in the middle of the jungle. There is a merc sitting behind a tree's root, hidden from normal view. He'll become visible once you reach the shack. When the area is clear, head back to the POWs and transport them to this shack. Close the door on your way out, point at the doorway and ask Bravo to Cover Area. This should keep the mercs from messing with the POWs.

    The cave entrance is at the top of the hill. Take the side-winding path to reach it. There are two guards out in front, so eliminate them. Your path into the cave is a straightforward one, so just follow the beacons along the way and eliminate all terrorists you come across.

    The last POW is in the large cavern, head toward the place where the terrorists came from and you'll find him in a makeshift room.

    Hope this is the poor POW you are in search of.

  • Cheers Mate!
    I will give that a go!!! ;)