Need help with Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Hi, I need help getting past scam 4. There's a race where you have to beat Kevin to the finish line on this wooden track. If anyone knows what the trick is to beat Kevin I would appreciate your help. Thanks!
  • This might be of some help to you in beating Kevin

    Kevin challenges you to a race! Of course, you don't have to wait for the timer to stop, that's only when Kevin starts to go. Just running isn't going to do you any good, Kevin will be ahead of you in no time. You've got to find a way to go faster. Simple, use the formation you used against Victor. Not only does the formation break things's also very fast. As long as you watch out for holes in the track (it'll take a few tries) and avoid the obstacles (crates and fences won't slow you down, but trash cans will delay you a bit), you should win this easily. Be on the lookout for a fence on the right side of the track that leads to a higher platform. It usually appears after you've made a pretty hard left turn at the beginning of the race. This little area has the final Jawbreaker near some crates. At this point, Kevin is sure to have passed you now, so get back in the race and pass him up. This track is long, but as long as you stay ahead of Kevin and avoid holes, you'll see the finish line eventually. Crossing this before Kevin will finish this Scam. If you got everything, you should see to it that you get 61% game completion.

    Note: You have to push in the direction you want to go, otherwise Kevin can still beat you in Batter-Ed mode.

    Good Luck