• could you ppeopplez tell me where to find gilgamesh for the second time! i already battled him once, but i dont know where he goes after that
  • Go back to the crystal, save your game, teleport to the Phon Coast. Head northwest of the crystal and look for a man sitting against a rock face titled "The Man Who Fell." There is a shiny object beside him, examine it to get the Site 11 Key. Now teleport back to the Lhusu Mines. Head west to Site 9. Just up the path very close to where you fought the Antlion is a locked gate that can be opened with the Site 11 Key. Keep heading north until you can go no further, at which point turn and head east. Cross the bridge (Lasche Span), take the northeast exit out of Site 5 to reach Site 6 South and go south from there. After exiting south you will find a
    Save Crystal, make sure to use it before going into the next room.

    Hope this helps ya.