• Do any of you have issues with sleeping?

    I have issues with sleeping. I just saw a sleep specialist who diagnosed me with sleep delay disorder. What happens is over a period of a month or so my body releases melatonin (what tells your body its time for bed) later and later each night. It releases so late sometimes that I can't fall asleep until 4 am and then I have to be up at 8! I got some pills that will help regulate my melatonin levels better.

    It seems that after talking about sleep with other people that many of them have some sort of insomnia. I was wondering if any of you guys suffer too?

    Or maybe you could share some of your nightly habits that help you wind down and fall asleep.
  • I'm feeling for ya!

    I work shifts - 6 days on 5 days off & it's 3 12hr day shifts followed by 3 12hr night shifts.

    My sleep patterns are fuct! plus having border line stressed break down isn't helping. On my days off I've been jumping up violently out of bed on my days off around 2am and can't shut off & fall asleep.

    Typing this now at around 7am from a 5am night shift finish I'm physicaly & mentaly done in but there's a switch stuck on the POWER ON mode that won't let me go BLACK!

    I've tried practically everything to turn off my mind, but what people would called nightmares during REM sleep, I would call it normal dreaming (not being normal explains that) but now for the first time in my life since 1993 (car crash) I've been having very bad nights of sleep - Jane can vouch for that.

    Normally I can sleep anywhere, anytime, anyplace. The last time I can recall was last year 2006 at the Donnington Download Festival, were it's 24/7 action & sleep isn't on the menu of events over 5 days but I managed to get the best sleep for ages - why?? cause no cares in the world & having fun that myself & Jane enjoy & want every damn day.

    There's other stuff that I'm not getting into here, but I know it's a factor for it. My body clock insn't 24 hours any more, but more like 32-36. So the job is a major factor & the shift I've just came off which was very very bad I thought F!!! it and after the wedding I must get sorted either by myself of through other means that may be harsh. I've got to take control of the life I lead & the others that are involved within me
  • Im very lucky - that no matter what is going on i can get sleep anywhere!! Tiff will tell you about me sleepingthrough the riots at download!!!

    I did a prescription for melatonin yesterday, maybe you can get it to make your body produce it earlier so you can fall asleep although it isnt on licence over here in UK as i had to order it from specials lab but i dont know about USA

    Try warm whisky, lemon and honey - very soothing. Lavender also helps relax!!
  • Personally I believe I suffer from Sleep Deprivation more than anything. I have trouble sleeping when it comes to work. Lately they have been scheduling me to close on sundays and open on mondays and so by the time i get home and get to bed it's probably about three o clock or so before I actually fall asleep and then I have to be up by 5:15. Lately I've become much more irritable over it and have talked to my supervisors over it and they have agreed to either do one of two options:

    Give me mondays off and keep my sunday closing shift
    Give me a mid shift or morning shift on sunday and keep the opening monday shift.

    Up until the schedule for next week they have been doing well for it. I'm scheduled to close next sunday so I'm gonna have to revisit my supervisor and speak with him about it....again.

    Personally I've conditioned myself to fall asleep anytime the television is on for an extensive period of time. I am usually out within a few minutes of turning on the tv at night. I know not too many people would reccommend this because not too many people can deal with the noise and flashing lights...but it crashes me out like you wouldn't believe.;)

    Another thing I used to do is drink lots and lots of water before bed. Water's always made me sleepy for some reason.:eek:
  • One other problem I get is hunger. For some reason around 12-1am I feel starving.
  • My years spent in the commercial fishing industry have seen fit to wreak havoc on my sleep. I can not sleep more than a few hours a night, like 4 is the max. I guess that is what 48 hours, 36 hours, 72 hours, and 24 hour work days (yes I realize that 3 of those exceed the normal def. of a "day" but when you don't stop, a day is until you hit the rack) will do to you after awhile.
  • I used to have a problem similar to yours Mike. I never been much of a sleeper, I can function properly on 5 hours/night if necessary (naturally, a normal 8 hours would make me look a little less like uncle fester around the eyes, but what tha heck). In my late teens and early twenties I constantly would get the same posponed bed times as you describe. I'd usually solve this but doing an all nighter ever two weeks or so, rebooting the system so to say.

    As I've grown older I've changed. Now I have no problem going to bed as early as 10 o'clock and fall right asleep. I don't know if it is physical, if I have/had some sort of melatonin dysfunction, or simply a result of understanding your sleep pattern. After all, if you have an urge of staying up late doing laid back things like watching TV or such there is a chance you "rest" yourself up to a point were you don't feel tired anymore.
  • Mike C STAFF said:
    One other problem I get is hunger. For some reason around 12-1am I feel starving.

    Even though it may soothe your insane craving for food, eating before going to sleep is not a good thing. It's the quickest way to slow your metabolism apart from just plain starving yourself.:(
  • DC, what kind of commercial fishing do you do? Is it kinda like the Deadliest Catch series on the Discovery Channel?

    If so I can definatly tell that your sleeping patterns would be affected greatly.
  • Mike C STAFF said:
    DC, what kind of commercial fishing do you do? Is it kinda like the Deadliest Catch series on the Discovery Channel?

    If so I can definatly tell that your sleeping patterns would be affected greatly.

    I wonder if Dan has ever made the famous "Jaws" Joke

    "Were going to need a bigger boat!"
  • Lol, that would be halarious!

    My I've been having another insomniac episode this past few days. I hope I can fall asleep by myself tonight. After a few days of sleeping pills it makes your brain hurt all the time. It also affects hearing and sensitivity to light.
  • I feel sorry for all of you.
    At least once a week i wake up during the night feeling frightend and thinking somones in my room so i have jump out of bed on instinct and turn the light on to wake my self up because i do be half a sleep. One time i jumped up and got ready to fight a desk chair because i thought sombody was sitting in it.
  • Did you win the fight Ganon? My desk chair wouldn't have been so merciful. As annoying as it is, it's incredibly sturdy so fighting it would only be a mode of personal injury for me.