Your PS3 Reviews - first impressions ?
  • Hi there, if you have recently bought a PS3, we would love to hear your views on what you think of it... here is mine:

    if you are teetering on the edge of buying a PS3, then I would say that after spending a weekend with it, that I am very impressed with the build quality, huge amount of functionality and the fact that I will spend most of my time playing games with other 'real' people online, rather than hours on the single player mode, kind of negates the fact that you can tell that most of the games really needed more time spent on them.

    So far I have only spent about 50% of my time playing games, the rest has been downloading stuff from the playstation store (most of the games are about
  • Sounds like you like it then, Jim.

    As for me, I've only watched two DVDs on it so far. We're not posh enough, or rich enough, to buy a HDTV yet.
    I think I mentioned already somewhere on here that my RR7 game and second controller were delayed.
    Yesterday about 8pm ish I was going to the pantry (Which is just beside the Front Door) about to get some Frosties or something when I noticed something sticking out of the letterbox. I was like "what the hell? :confused:". So pulled it out, and found that my RR7 game had been put through the letterbox. Dunno how long it had been there, mind :eek:
    Haven't played it yet, though as was watching The Royal with me mum then watched me 24 and Lost.
    As of this morning, my second controller hasn't turned up yet though :(

    Oh, registered my Blu-Ray remote with my PS3 on Sat. Really easy to do.
    Also, yesterday I created internal PS1 and PS2 memory cards (1 of each) really easy to do. Although it comes up with some message about going to the Memory Card Utility, selecting the Memory Card, and then selecting options to set the Memory Card slot. When I select the Memory Card, there's no options to select. I'm a bit confused about that really.

    Oh, and I'm annoyed because I can't connect my PSP to my PS3. I've created the connection, but when I try to connect the PS3 says I have to have ATRAC enabled. So, I go to enable it, then it wants me to connect to the internet to enable. I can't connect to the internet as I don't have it at home.
    Same thing goes for WMA playback and whatever else.
    Why do you have to connect to the internet to "turn things on" anyway?
    Am I the only one that things that that is well stupid to say the least.
    It's not very good for people like me is it?

    Apart from those small annoyances, I think it is one amazing piece of kit. I just wish I could use the full functionality of the PS3 (and the PSP for that matter).

  • I've just got one thing to say Jason- get yourself some 'net access! :p

    I guess these things turn on by sending a small signal up to Sony and they send back down to turn it on. It is annoying but if you want to get the full function get some broadband access.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    ...I guess these things turn on by sending a small signal up to Sony and they send back down to turn it on...

    Yeah, but if they release these things as Firmware Updates (which can be downloaded via third party instead of directly via the consoles) then surely they should make it so that you can just turn them on if and when you want.

    That's just what I think anyway.

    Anyone else agree with me?
  • First impression for me is wowwwww!!!!

    Firstly the look it is much smaller than you see in the pictures and it is shiny very shiny. My samsung hdtv is shiny aswell and they really suit each other :)
    i also love the way you restart and control discs at the front (by just tapping the icons) what a great feature.

    As of yet i still have no access to the internet and playstation network also no firmware update yet :(, as wireless connection wont work so hope to switch to ethernet very soon.

    The XMB control panel thing is great and really easy to use aswell...

    The graphics are amazing especially now i got myself a HDMI cable...

    I still really want to get online and will get it sorted really soon, just hope there is no more problems, what a hassle though???

    Blu-ray discs are really something special and yes everything seems to be in hi-def now great!!!

    I am really surprised about the availability of the PS3 no where i have seen has sold out its really annoyed me actually, but it seems people just dont no what there getting for their money, a hell of a lot more than a games console i agree!!!

    To sum up the PS3 has made a great impression on me so far not exactly amazing but i do have moments when i am just made breathless.. whoever said single player is boring is wrong btw.....
  • robcoxy said:
    ...As of yet i still have no access to the internet and playstation network also no firmware update yet :(...

    Well that problem is easily solved. Got to the PS3 downloads section on the main forum homepage and you can download the firmware from there. It's all explained for you.

    You can download Lyndon's zip file but the firmware is the US one, which may, or may not, damage your UK PS3.
    A safer way would be to download from the link I put up. It's direct download so no going off to other sites.
    Just follow the help on where to put the file so that your PS3 recognises the file.
    I downloaded the file the same way onto my USB Pen Drive and my PS3 recognised the file straight away.
    Once saved to your pen drive (or you could use something like an SD disk or memory stick pro duo [just make sure you've got about 105MB free on whatever you use]) just insert the pen drive or whatever into your PS3, go to System Update and select the second option. I think it's Memory Stick or something, I forget exactly what it says, you'll know which one when you see what the two options are.
    Then just follow the on screen prompts.

    The topic with the download is
  • o right i thought i heard you had it on this site

    thanks a lot this makes it so much easier its download from storage media nd already done it

    thanks for the tip:)
  • You're very welcome Rob.

    Oh regarding the actual nature of this topic. I tried playing my Casino Royale on er Monday think it was. My bro wanted to watch it. So put it on and guess what, the movie was in ruddy black & white. Now I'm a bit confused about this. Thing is though, I've still got the Euro-AV connector scart in the tv that was included with my Wii, gonna, eventually, get around to putting in the PS3 one and see if the movie is still in Black & White.
    If it IS, then that means either different cable, or possibly even new tv (which we certainly can't get yet as far as my mum and dad are concerned [too much money :(])

    I had a look through the PS3 manual today and it doesn't say anything about the screen being in Black & White so I'm a bit confused about that really. Might just need to put in the PS3 Scart connector instead of the Wii one, who knows? I certainly don't.

    Oh and been playing RR7 since Monday. It's a very good game. Even on our "normal" tele, it's still good graphics. What I read about you not being able to see what's written on the news ticker is a load of cobblers, you can see, and read, it perfectly fine.
  • :) my pleasure

    why keep the wii scart connector in ?? change it thats what i would do and hopefully it will not be in black and white...but other wise i dont have a clue.

    ive been planning to go and get rr7 for a couple of days now as ive heard so much about it but still havent got it been occupied with motorstorm and resistance so far... i will get it soon though and expect that it will be a great game...

    and yes 'normal teles' look fine to me aswell even though mines hd my mates still looks great on his 'normal tele'....
  • The blu ray actually blows me out of the water - much better than I could have ever expected. I need a new tv
  • tru tru blu-rays do look more amazing dan i cud av expected

    good luck wid da new tv
  • I honestly have to say that the PS3 was money spent well in my opinion. When paired with the LCD HD TV and HDMI cables, games seem to take on a new life, even older ones. Also I like the fact that it is almost an extension of this site, when members here are on their PS3, I can see immediately.

    I haven't tried the Blu-Ray yet, but in all honesty that's not why I bought the system. Not having to use mem-cards is also a plus. The internet seems slower than my puter, but having a 32" monitor is definately cool !!!!

    I'm certain that as time goes by I will find more things to make the purchase well worth it. My tried and true friend ( PS2 ) has been relegated to the spare bedroom.

    Only complaint is I want an adapter that lets me connect a dual-shock or Guitar Hero controller. They must have one if the 1.7 update enables shock for PS2 games.

    Anyway, I guess that's it for now.
  • Check out the local Radio Shack store, jdm- they sell an adapter that works out pretty well, I'm told.