I neeed Help On FF12!!!
  • :) HI If you are reading this i am in need of assitance on how to defeat Garuda at the Tomb Of Raithwell:confused:
  • Ah yes, the Garuda! Loved that boss. Here's a quick battle strategy for ya Blaise! Best of luck to ya!

    Begin the battle by immediately using the Eksir Berries that you got for finishing the Urutan-Eater miniquest. As the Moogle described, the Garuda does not like them and the berries should deal a fair amount of damage to the boss.

    Once those are out of the way it's time to move on to ranged attacks (since this boss flies you won't be able to hit it with melee weapon swings). It has no elemental weaknesses so all Magick is equally effective here. Whoever is wielding a gun (Balthier?) should be attacking normally and ideally with the Silence Shot equipped so that you have a good chance of hindering the boss' ability to basically do any damage to you.

    Lemme know if it works out for ya!
  • oh Thank you i shalll try that if it doesnt work i will tell you

    One other thing i didnt kill the Urutan eater do you think i should go back to get them??:confused:
  • My recommendation Blaise is ABSOLUTELY!! The Urutan eater isn't that hard of sidequest.

    I battled the Garuda without having the Eksir berries and it didn't take all that long for me to become absolutely annihilated. For your own sake, I say you should go get the Eksir berries because they do cause a significant dent in the Garuda's HP.

    Something else I would recommend would be organizing your Gambits. I've read that you can make your Gambits so specific for boss fights that you could probably drop the controller, come back and the boss is annihilated. (That may be an exaggeration, but Gambits are still important)

    Personally I used:
    Target:Foe flying-->Thunder
    Target:Foe flying-->Fire

    Only equip the magic to those characters who have close range weapons (swords, katanas, axes, hammers etc.) Leave the actual attacking for thos who have long ranged weapons (Guns and Bows)

    Pretty much any magic you have (with the only exception being gravity) should work.

    Be sure you turn these gambits off after the battle though. You don't want to lose any MP if you can avoid it.
  • thnks i beat it but now i cant beat the Demon Wall. Any Suggestions??
  • Melinda S STAFF said:
    ...Something else I would recommend would be organizing your Gambits. I've read that you can make your Gambits so specific for boss fights that you could probably drop the controller, come back and the boss is annihilated. (That may be an exaggeration, but Gambits are still important)...

    Just thought I'd add my two cents worth (as you'd pos put it) regarding the practically automatic beating of bosses.
    I did that with the Mark that you have to take down in the snowy mountain region. You know, that one that you can only get to if you "follow the path of the blizzard". I actually let my three people fight the Mark by themselves while I went donwstairs and had my Tea (er Dinner/Evening Meal/Whatever you wanna call it), went back upstairs bout half an hour later and my peeps had annihilated the mark :D

    So it IS possible to leave them to it, just make sure you have at least one person that heals constantly and has an accessory that stops them from being silenced or put to sleep (Depending on which magick the boss you're fighting prefers to use), then just have one that constantly attacks and one that attacks and heals and then just leave your game to itself for a while. Watch over it for the beginning of the battle though so you know it's going right and they're healing as effectively as possible, else just tweak your gambits, watch for a little longer and then, if completely satisfied with what's happening, go away, come back later, and the boss will be wiped out.


    Edit: Forgot to answer the actual question regarding the Demon Wall

    Blaise44 said:
    thnks i beat it but now i cant beat the Demon Wall. Any Suggestions??

    First question, are you trying to fight the Demon Wall that gives you the option to run or stay and fight? If you are trying to fight the first Demon Wall that is at the bottom of the steps after you first enter the Tomb, then STOP, just run because you can't defeat that one until you're like level 25-30, ok?

    Now if your problem is the second Demon Wall after you go through the big door; the one you cannot run from, then that's different.
    In regards to that monster you have to do the following to at least give yourself a fighting chance.

    First of all, run straight toward the Demon Wall. I know it sounds a little stupid but it'll give you more of a chance. Now can see the torches at the side of the bridge you're on? What you need to do is touch one of them (make sure it's one the ones that is closest to the Demon Wall; get as close to Demon Wall as you can get before touching one of the torches). There are two colours (I forget exactly what they are) but one will make the Demon Wall stop advancing for a certain amount of time, the other will speed it up. It you unfortunately make it speed up then just go across to the torch opposite the one you just touched and touch that one, that will then cause the Demon Wall to stop advancing for a certain amount of time.
    Then it's just a case of Attack! Attack! Attack!

    Once the Wall starts moving again, just go to the next two torches and, once again, touch a torch to make it stop, if it speeds up, go touch the opposite torch.
    Then Attack! Attack! Attack!

    Then it's just a case of repeat the touching of the torch and attacking until it's finally defeated.
    Be warned, it will suck one of your characters from play and you'll have to continue without that person. That usuually signals that it's getting quite close to being defeated.

    BE WARNED! You must defeat the Demon Wall before you get pushed back to the door else you automatically lose the fight, regardless of how much HP your characters and the Demon Wall have, ok?

    Anyway, I hope that helps you defeat the boss :)
  • k i tried that but i need Like A Exact GUide of what to do!!!
  • on gambits and other stuff
  • Gambits don't particularly matter on this boss too much Blaise. So basically all you need is a gambit for

    "Target: foe: nearest visible- Attack" for your party leader
    "Target: foe: party leader's target- Attack" for you other two characters.

    One other thing to add is to put a Gambit for
    "Target Ally: status: Sleep-Alarm clock"

    The Second Demon wall can cast a slew of negative status effects, but the one which is the most cast is a sleep spell. This will pretty much suck if you don't have any alarm clocks.

    Something I've discovered though is if you don't have alarm clocks, just create a temporary gambit for you weakest team member to attack a sleeping ally. Once your member has attacked a fellow party member..BE SURE TO TURN THE GAMBIT OFF!!

    Make sure to also use a large chain of Quickenings as well as that will most certainly help.:D

    Since you have Vossler on your team it shouldn't be all that big of a deal. He's a strong ally and so you're not particularly needing to fight with organizing gambits just yet.
  • ok ill try that ill reply later
  • i think ill go back to Rabanastre and get a little stronger
  • i beat it but im stuck on the part where you have to walk around
  • Okay Blaise, where EXACTLY are you stuck? Is it right after the Demon Wall or quite awhile after it?

    I need more details to help you out.
  • right after the demon wall is where im stuck
  • Okay Blaise! Here we are! I found you a lovely guide on what to do through the rest of the remaining Tomb of Raithwall! Best of luck! Happy gaming!:p

    From where you fought the second Demon Wall, climb the stairs and go through the west door. Watch the scene then descend the stairs and take the map of the Tomb of Raithwall out of the urn.

    There are three Way Stones here, one blue, one red, and one green. The blue one takes you back near the entrance, so use that one if you wish to heal and save. Neither the green nor the red Way Stones work at the moment, so you will have to wait. Head down the stairs to the south.

    Before long you will have a choice of two paths. Ignore the stairs leading down and continue to follow the path you are on all the way around to a door leading south. Make a right (west) in this new area and follow the path from here. The path remains entirely linear and should lead you to a row of three chests containing variety of items (or Gambits).

    Just a few rooms further you will find a green jewel in the wall which activates the green Way Stone and (partially) lowers the Mystic Altar. It also triggers a battle with some Lich enemies. After dispatching them, use the green Way Stone to return to the central platform.

    This time take the north route, and again, ignore the first staircase leading down assuming you want to get the treasures. If not, the staircase route is a little shorter. Make a right (east) and just follow this linear path, past the chests, to reach the middle room.

    Again, touch the jewel and battle your way through some Zombies. After the battle is over, it is of the utmost importance that you use this Way Stone, followed by the blue Way Stone to reach the entrance and save again. There is a boss coming up and you're going to be shit out of luck if any of your characters still have some of that Oil lingering on them.

    Head back and take either the green or the red Way Stone to the large door that you opened. There is a quick scene in the next room and all that remains is a simple path with no enemies to the boss. Keep an eye out at the bottom of each staircase for chests (that don't respawn) that contain a variety of items including a potential for two Elixirs.
  • do you think you could find out how much health the boss Has??
  • hey im through all that do you know where mrjn is hiding after you go through eruyut village??
  • how do i get through the henne mines? one other thing why do you have to go to the henne mines anyways
  • Someone Reply!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blaise44 said:
    Someone Reply!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm your huckleberry... :cool:

    What do you need?!
  • i need help through the Henne Mines !!:)
  • yea i was wonderin if its possible to come back and defeat the optional demon wall....:o
  • Yah Go Ahead Watch yourself though
  • FFfan1123 said:
    yea i was wonderin if its possible to come back and defeat the optional demon wall....:o
    It is possible. You might want to wait until you've leveled up some first.

    Blaise44 said:
    i need help through the Henne Mines !!:)

    Ok Blaise44, where are you at in the Henne Mines and what trouble are you having?
  • I need Like A guide through the mines
  • I hope this helps:

    In the first junction, go to the right side to find a switch, press it to
    open the road South. In the Phase 1 Shaft section you can find the map.
    Back to the junction, turn West. You will face lots of bats in the next
    passage. The following sections are South-West, then go East. In the East
    section you will encounter the dragon in the junction passage. Defeat it
    isn't a big problem for your current levels.

    Reach to the four-way junction in the Eastern area, press the switch and back
    to the dragon's section. Once you press that switch, you will be surrounded by
    many Jellies, prepare Fire spells for them. You can just run away if you don't
    want to fight them. Now move North, the gate has opened. After a scene, you'll
    see a Gate Crystal here, continue North for a boss fight.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<< BOSS >>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    | Tiamat |
    | Lv : 25 Possible Steal: | .--- Lv to challenge ---.
    | HP : 49993 - Hi-Potion | | Recommended: > 20 |
    | Weak : Earth - Leo Gem | | Minimum Lv : > 18 |
    | ELE. : Wind - Ring Wyrm Scale | | Average Lv : > 15 |
    ----------------------------------------- '-----------------------'

    At the beginning the boss only keeps its attacks on one person. Be careful
    of its Aero spell, it could hurt the characters in one area. If you see the
    boss is charging it, make sure all your character are ready to use healing
    items or spells. However, you can take control of a character to evade this
    move, just run further from the targetted person, once you are out of the
    Aeroga range, you won't get any damage, the recommended area to run is behind
    the boss. Same tactics go for its other area attack, Disablega. But even if
    you run from the Disablega, your allies will still get Disable status, cure
    them with Esuna. When the boss is left with around 20% HP, its defense power
    will be increased, but you can kill it with a Mist Knack/Quickening combo
    before it bursts up, you probably used a lot of MP in the battle, so if you
    can't get a full bar to perform the Mist Knack/Quickening, you can try and
    cast Drain to kill off the boss.
  • does tiamat have a weakness and whatis he imune to
  • hey how do you defeat elder wyrm?
  • And i also have the Fira magik spell
  • how do you defeat the boss right after tiamat
  • Blaise44 said:
    hey how do you defeat elder wyrm?

    Start by taking out the Treants first. Then focus on the Elder Wyrm. Use that Fira spell you have and/or physical attacks. Using a ranged weapon will help avoid some attacks and be sure to remove any Negative Status Effects (namely Confuse, Poison, Blind, Slow, Sap & Oil) caused by the Sporefall attack. Esuna or a Remedy Potion will remove most of them. Haste will counter Slow. Regen will counter Sap. A Handkerchief will remove Oil. Keep the party cured and make sure to have some Phoenix Downs.

    You might also want to try Summoning an Esper (preferably Belias since his attacks are Fire based and the Elder Wyrm is vulnerable to Fire) or using Quickening chains once you've weakened the Elder Wyrm.
  • do you have a guide through the stilshrine of miriam on how to get through
  • this post is for melinda when you told him that the boss before you enter king raithwall's tomb you said it had no elemental weaknesses you were wrong it is extreamly weak to the spell DARK. i had all three of my characters using it at once and i beat him in under 1 min.
  • hi sorry i havent replied for a while my pc crashed but im back for good!!!!:D :p