• Hi dear.
    I have a PS2 console with a "players 32MB memory card.

    It was working fine until I tried a new game called Hitman Pro.
    while starting up it asked to configure the settings, pal, ntsc or dtv480p.
    after that the game laods but it asked to create a profile if you try this it says memory card unformatted and ask if you want to format it.
    if you select yes it gives the message format failed.
    and now the card does not work anymore.
    If you go to the bowser screen it tells you there is no data.

    My question is: is there any way I can repair (format) the memory card again ?
    In the manuals for the PS2 they always refer to consult he supplied software ?

    thanx for your help.

  • It seems that this game is looking for an original Sony 8mb mem card and not only did it not accept your 32mb card it has made sure that it deleted everything on it. :eek:
    All I can suggest is that you purchase a Sony 8mb card to play this game, and as for the lost saves, well it gives you an opportunity to play all those games again :rolleyes: