• Hi, I am new to the game and I have looked thru a lot of guides but they can't seem to focus on my problem I hope you can. I am at the crystal I have been stuck here for quite a while I want to know how I can get the excaliber. I can get to XVI but from there is all down hill I need a step by step walkthrough since your a pro. Also I saw that someone said they found the ribbon accessorie at ceobie stepp I played there for two hours and nothing. I would apprciate any help from anyone.
  • Well velvet, you are in luck! We here are gamers just like you and we are glad to help!

    I just so happen to have obtained both Excalibur from the Crystal and the Ribbon from Cerobi Steppe! :D

    For Excalibur, You say you know how to get to XVI. That may be part of your problem. You do not need to go to XVI to get it but rather XIV. I just posted an answer to this a few days ago. Check out the third post in this thread click here.

    As for the ribbon, this is not so easy... but it is obtainable. With some patience and lots of searching. Here is exactly how I did it.

    From the save crystal at Journey's Rest in Cerobi Steppe, I reduced my party to one (Vaan) and equipped him with a diamond armlet, then saved. From there I headed North into the Crossfield. As you enter, there is a medium sized rock on your right and a small group of trees on the left. There is usually a Shield Wyrm standing in between, sometimes sleeping. To the right of the Shield Wyrm, you should see two single trees out in the open and a LARGE rock in the distance, next to the path. The treasure urn next to that large rock is the one that holds the ribbon.

    Now, if you do not find the ribbon, go back to the save crystal at Journey's Rest - Save - Hit Pause - Quit to Title - Then Reload that Save and start again. The whole trip shouldn't take more than a few minutes from start to restart, if you avoid fighting and just head for the treasures. There are random treasure urns behind the medium rock and at the end of and around the group of trees (beware of the trap - you might want to cast float). Go ahead and get these treasures while you are there because they hold lots of gil and some nice items like weapons, ammo and misc. Then head over to the large rock by the path and check the urn there.

    It may take you an hour or you may find it on your first try?! It is completely random, as far as I know. I know I collected over 100,000 gil, 2 Megalixirs, 2 Castellanos and 4 Fomalhauts before I finally got the ribbon. But, it comes in handy when I equip the Ensanguined Shield and frees up gambit slots for other uses!;)

    Good luck finding it and please let me know when you do! If you need more help on Excalibur, give me a shout! We'll try to walk you through it!
  • Hey, Chris I finally got the excalibur great. But as long as I'm here please help me get the zodiac estucheon and please do it step by step cause it's very confusing in that crystal. Also I haven't been able to get the ribbon I still have reddas with me so I did what you said and limited my party to just vann and reddas and when I see the the barrel next to the rock I get him killed but so far all I get is knot of rust, and money please helpppppppppppppp.
  • Great news about finding Excalibur!! It should help you out quite a bit! Next, you'll want to work on getting Tournesol! ;) I can help you with that too if you are interested.

    As for the Zodiac Estucheon, sadly I have not reached it yet. :( I have been working on other areas of the game but I could head back inside the crystal. If you want, give me a day or two, I will try to get it mapped out and promise to get back to you! Let me know?

    As for the ribbon, don't worry that Reddas is in the party but I'm wondering why is Reddas getting killed? There is no reason he should be getting killed near the ribbon treasure urn. Now, the urn near the grove of trees does have a trap, but you should see it if you are using libra and it should not affect you if you have cast float on the party. The urn with the ribbon does not have a trap! Maybe you have been looking in the wrong one! It is the largest rock out by itself next to the path, not the rock at the end of the grove of trees! Finding knots of rust is common but make sure you have the diamond armlet equipped to get the good weapons, ammo and the most gil from the other treasure urns while you search for the ribbon!

    Remember, it is the LARGE rock in the distance to the right of the Shield Wyrm that has the treasure urn next to it that holds the ribbon. All this as you enter the Crossfield from Journey's Rest.
  • Hi Chris, I am looking in the right place for the ribbon I thought I needed to be completely alone so I would let reddas fight by himself until he got killed and went and checked the little barrel for the ribbon. Listen what is the Tournesol and yes send me what you have so I can get it. Also work on the grande crystal so I can try and get the zodiac estucheon when you write me please say go left or right I get confused with sw or nw ok. Thanks you for your help. I'll be waiting to hear from you.
  • I think you can still get the ribbon with Reddas. I just know that I was alone when I got it.

    As for Tournesol, it is a powerful, two handed sword. 140 Attack power / 25 Evasion. It can be manufactured by selling specific items then purchased in the bazaar. It isn't too hard to make, but does require some effort tracking down the items necessary to make it. Some you may already have but some you must create. More on that later... Let's get you that Zodiac Estucheon!

    I went in and mapped out the part of the crystal we'll be dealing with. It is a crude map and not exactly up to spec but it is good enough to help you through. I started it from XVI, where things get the most confusing!

    First, you need to go back to XIV (as if you were going to get Excalibur). You need to get Gate Leo II open. So, from XIV, take the path that leads up to the Leo Gate stone. Touch it. Then head back to XIV. Now go as if you were heading to get Excalibur. At the third platform, if you go right, it's the Excalibur room. You want to go left (up). Then go one more platform and you'll reach Gate Leo II. Open it.

    On that platform, there are four exits. The one you just came from... Gate Gemini II on the left... and two other paths. Choose either path without a gate! Two platforms later you should be at Waystone XV. Touch it to go to Waystone XVI.

    From XVI, (here is where the map comes in) take the middle path to Libra Gate Stone. Touch it. Go left. Open Gate Libra II and go through it. Next platform take the middle path to Capricorn Gate stone. Touch it. Now go back the way you came all the way to XVI and then Down to Gate Capricorn I and open it.

    You should now be at Virgo Gate Stone. Touch it and go back to Gate Virgo I and open it. (Now, you should have a clear path between XVII and the Gate Aquarius I.) From where you are now, head to XVII. It will take you to XVIII. From there go forward to the save crystal (I suggest saving since you are there!) From the save crystal, there are three paths. The middle path leads to the Esper Ultima. You want the path on the LEFT. Take it to the Aquarius Gate Stone. Touch it. Now go back all the way to Gate Aquarius I and open it.

    Now, you need to go back to the Capricorn Gate Stone. From there, you must touch it and head to Gate Capricorn II. Take the Libra Gate Stone path (but don't touch it) because the other way will be blocked by Gate Virgo II. Once you get Gate Capricorn II open, you must head all the way back to the Taurus Gate Stone.

    From the Taurus Gate Stone, touch it, then go to Gate Taurus II and open it. Once it is open, the very next platform after it is a dead end. This is the Zodiac Estucheon room. With a diamond armlet equipped, the treasure will be a Zodiac Estucheon. Remember, the treasure appears randomly, so if it is not there, go back three platforms to reset the treasure, just like the Excalibur.

    It sound very complicated, but if you look at the map, it really isn't that hard. It is just a matter of opening the gates and clearing a way for yourself. It didn't take long at all.

    There are some very nasty beasties in there...Evil Spirits...Ash Wyrms...Forbiddens...Reapers etc. I suggest equipping the party with holy weapons (Excalibur, Holy Lance, etc.) as most of them, but not all, are vulnerable to holy weapons.

    Let me know when you've got the Zodiac Estucheon and we'll talk about the Tournesol if you want?! Happy hunting!


    P.S. If you have any problems with these directions or the map, let me know and we'll figure out where you are stuck!
  • Hi Chris, I finally got the zodiac shield but it wasn't easy also I got ultima now I have nine espers I need one more to be able to go to henne mines. I have a question which other esper could I go for that's not that tough also I only have one esper equip to me the others are just there on the board. I still don't have the ribbon. I have to go and finish the fafnir hunt he is hard can you offer any advice. Now I need to find the sage ring. Well lots of questions hope you can give answers thank for helping.
  • Great news about the Zodiac Estucheon and Ultima too!

    I don't know which Espers you already have but I'm guessing you still need Hashmal, Famfrit and maybe Chaos? Here's a quick list of Espers and their locations...

    Adrammelech - Zertinan Caverns
    Belias - Tomb of Raithwall
    Chaos - Necrohol of Nabudis
    Cuchulainn - Garamsythe Waterway
    Exodus - Mosphoran Highwaste
    Famfrit - The Pharos
    Hashmal - The Pharos
    Mateus - Stilshrine of Miriam
    Shemhazai - Great Crystal
    Ultima - Great Crystal
    Zalera - Barheim Passage
    Zeromus - Stilshrine of Miriam
    Zodiark - Henne Mines

    As for the sage ring, it can be bought from the stranded merchant in the Alley of Low Whispers in Old Archades. I'd pick up some Opal rings too while you are there, if you do not have any yet. Very handy for dispelling Reflect.

    For Fafnir, there is a way to kinda "cheat", but you wouldn't want to do that, now would you? In case you do, I'll tell you... but I'm sure you don't want to do it! ;)

    In the Silverflow's End Southeastern part (where you face Fafnir) there is a large boulder. If you get behind it, Fafnir cannot attack you physically. Only the magic attacks (Shock, Sleep, Silence, etc.) will reach you. You can avoid them by keeping Reflectga cast on the party or by equipping Mirror Mail. From there you can attack with Scourge and Thundaga until Fafnir is finished off. A sage ring will help conserve MP. If you use this method, be sure to turn off any gambits that would cause a character to run out and attack. You want to keep distance (and the rock) between you and Fafnir. Also remember with Reflectga cast, you cannot cast onto yourself or others in the party unless you are wearing an Opal ring.

    Let me know how it goes?!