more tony hawks proskater 4 help plz
  • i need help with the mission in the skatepark of 'london'.

    you are asked to free an elephant by taking down 4 traps but i do not know how to take down the traps.

    plz help!
  • Free Stompy!

    First, use the ramp and go up onto the bridge and right in front of you will be the first trap. Grind both sides of the trap wire to disable it.
    You will know when you are done because your count meter will go up one.

    Then keep going towards the roads near the fountain. Disable the next trap there, and be quick and make sure that Stompy is a fair way back.
    Keep heading up to the fountain section after this trap has been disabled and then turn right up the road, follow it along and disable the 3rd trap.
    Finally, go to where the cones are with the ramp just around from where you are now. The last trap is on the road here.

    Easy :o