alright everyone!
  • hey guys, and girls, names karl. Turned 23 on 9th of may so i treated myself to a PS3, lol, only just got it home and signed up over the weekend though. I'm from a little place called Southport (its near Liverpool, as i dont think anyone would have heard of it, lol)
    anyone fancy a chat or whatever, message me!
  • Well hi there Karl, nice to meet you and have you as part of this wonderful nutty family!!

    A belated "Happy Birthday" to you, too!! Gosh, what a wonderful way to treat yourself for your birthday!! You did it up right, that's for sure!!
    And you certainly came to the right place to enhance your gaming experience!! You will never find a friendlier or more knowledgable bunch of knuckleheads than right here, so please kick back, relax, and enjoy lots of visits here. I will keep your tea cup (or coffee cup, if you prefer) filled for you. :p
  • thank you for that warm welcome! i can see im gonna enjoy it here!
    And yes, I prefer Tea to coffee (Milk, 2 sugars, lol)
  • Coming right up!! (Darn, now where did I put that silly cozy?)

    Soooo, please tell us a little about your gaming life. How long have you been gaming, and what sorts of games do you like?
  • wow, been gaming for as long as i can remember! used to go round to friends houses to play the NES and Amiga! lol,
    first machine i got was Game Boy, loved Double Dragon! then SNES, Mega Drive, N64, Dreamcast, Playstation, Gamecube, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS and now PS3! so i have quite a bit of gaming knowledge, although i never had many games for any of those machines
    I'm mainly into the football (or"Soccer") games, Wrestling games, shoot 'em ups, action/adventure/platform etc, not big on racing games, although the game i got on PS3 is MotorStorm even though im terrible at it!
  • Well now, with that extensive background you should have loads of fun talking with our members here!!! Not only will others here be able to assist you if you should have any gaming questions, but it sounds like you are in a very sturdy position to help others out as well. Please don't be shy about helping others out if you know an answer to something, just jump right in there and share your wealth of knowledge!! I believe that is the biggest and main goal here, to help each other out while we make friends along the way.
    Not only have you found the best gaming place online, but it looks as though we have made quite a valuable find in you, too! :D
  • well thank you for that, its nice to be appreciated!
  • Welcome Karl!

    Like Susan said, we are gamers just like you who help each other out and meet some friends along the way. Just jump in wherever you like! Hope you enjoy the site!
  • Welcome to APi Karl!! How do you like your PS3? I really want one, but unfortunatly won't be able to afford one for a while.

    Were glad to have ya here, have fun posting!!

    Im so excited coz your a local!!! Im from WIGAN!!!!!!!!

    I used to drive to southport on driving lessons lol!!

    Welcome to the friendliest place on the net!!!!

    Enjoy your PS3 grr
  • cool, a local girl! i thought most of the people on these boards would be american, male or american males! lol im sure ill enjoy it here loads
    and, in response to your question Mike, I love my PS3, even tho im rubbish at the only game i have for it at the moment, and being jobless means its the only game i'll have for a while, lol
  • You'll fit in just fine actually. At the moment I believe a majority of the members are actually not from the USA.
  • thats good to know! lol
  • Poooor little me, I'm from the wrong side of The Pond.:(
    Someone throw me an oar, quick!;)
  • awwww nothing wrong with being over there! but personally i think its better being British! lol,
  • To be quite honest I cant see the benefits of being either from USA or Great Britain :rolleyes:

    Except that obviously PS3 is cheaper in USA and that there are some astonishing curry houses in England :eek:

    All the same, welcome to wonderland Karlos.