Availability and pricing on a replacement thumb stick?
  • My brother's PSP is missing it's thumb stick. He isn't quite sure whether it broke off, or it popped out, but it's missing. There's now a small place where it looks like a thumb stick will pop into the plastic protrusion from the piece that slides around.

    I've seen "PSP analog replacement kits" on eBay, usually including the small sliding piece that is part of the internals of the PSP plus the small thumb stick, but in my situation I'd like to achieve the goal of replacing the thumb stick while keeping the new hardware as legit and official as possible and to avoid things like eBay.

    Any info you guys can provide is very appreciated.

  • There are replacement thumb sticks available without the inner workings- you should be able to find these in places such as EB or Gamestop. The pack contains several sticks for just $5 or so. All you do is stick it in and it should slide onto the inside mechanism.
  • I got a pack at Gamestop, it was a multi-pack with different colors and sizes for $9.99 I believe.

    ALSO I picked up a USB transfer cable that also charges your PSP at the same time, it's awesome to use at computer labs, etc.
  • Maybe you could have found that on twenga. Prices are the cheapest !