Wedding In Wonderland - Janeybobs and Tiff
  • I just wanted to take a moment to wish dearest Jane and Chris a fantastic wedding this weekend and every happiness for the future.

    It seems that we (the members of this site) have watched this love affair develop as though it were a soap opera that we had become addicted to.

    And now that its about to move into adult territory we, I am sure, are more excited than ever about the idea of Chris' love for Jane :huh:

    I just wanted to say that although I cannot be there in person to raise a glass to the bride and groom I will toast you both in my own unique way this weekend.

    So huge hugs to you both and the toaster is in the post.

    All the best.

    PS - Jane there is still time to run away with me......... :o
  • Is it this weekend? Wow! The APi love story! You two are actually gonna do it?! (and then... you know... do it some more!) ;)

    Congratulations and Best Wishes!
  • Best wishes for the future ...........:)
  • Congratulations!!! The time has finally come and I could not be happier for you two. I hope you have fun over the next week!

    We'll have to get Jane's name changed to Jane N Staff ;)
  • Congratulations to both on the big day coming up. Here's hoping for many happy years together.

    p.s. Jane, try not to do too much swimming in the chocolate fountain. ;)
  • congrats 2 u both
  • Thank you guys!!!!!

    Cant believe there are only 2 more sleeps - I had my final dress fitting last night and its stunning!! I CRIED:)

    We will be back online when we return home from France and will post piccies as soon as we can. Im sure you alll cant wait to see pics of the 2nd time tiff wore a suit. (the first being after he went to court after all those unfortunate rumours lol):)

    See you on the dark side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks people, just fine tuning the last of the to do list and on friday what was going to be a relaxing meal, few drinks & early night has now turned out to be a "night out"
  • Congratulations you two!!:)

    Are you going to print this thread out and add it to a guestbook?;)
    Here's hoping all the stress you two have had all year is worth it once you finally hit the big day!

  • Have a great day. And remember...It's I DO. And try to say it straight away else you'll have the whole congregation wondering what's going on.
    Oh, and like what Mel said, Congratualtions :confused: lol
  • Jason F Staff said:
    Oh, and like what Mel said, Congratualtions :confused: lol

    Don't make fun of me Jay.:rolleyes:
    My shakey fingers have a mind of their own when I'm dehydrated.;)
  • Have an amazing day you two !

    Best Wishes for the future, I truly hope you both live long and grow old together.

  • Melinda S STAFF said:
    Don't make fun of me Jay.:rolleyes:
    My shakey fingers have a mind of their own when I'm dehydrated.;)

    Would I do a thing like that?
    As for your shaky fingers, why are you so dehydrated? Or shouldn't I ask? ;) :o