• hey guys i am not able to complete the stage of gta san andreas namely just business plz help:(
  • help me in this game
  • This should be a bit of help to you - the mission is easier with plenty of AK or M4 ammo.

    Pick up the MP5s that the Ruskies drop and grab the armor behind a pillar. Meet up with Smoke and head outside for more gunnin' and runnin'. Just target, kill, select another target, and repeat until everyone is dead. Pick up as much money and ammo as you can and head for the bike.

    You're on the back of the bike, and stay facing that way. The lots of those motorcycles to kill. Take out the driver first and make sure that every bike goes down fast, since they can do serious damage. The van is indestructible; so leave it alone.
    When you hit the road block, kill everything :o

    The hard part is in the LS River. Take down every motorcycle and car gunman as soon as you see them. After the big jump, shoot out the sewer gates. Shoot the exploding barrels to take out the last motorcycles

    Then relax.
  • try this down' x' right' left' right' r1' right' down' up' triangle for infinate health from bullets