The Neverending Story...
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    NO, not the books, my life, or least job wise anyways.
    So had my last interview today and I wasn't sure if it went ok or not, I've given up trying to hope and just let fate decide what goes on and such.

    Well it seems fate doesn't want to support me in any way at all as I got a call on my mobile (cell) and it was the deputy Headteacher. She said "I hate to say this but we gave the job to someone with more experience" well I'm paraphrasing there but she did mention about giving the job to someone who had had More Experience.

    I mean how on Earth can I get experience if I'm not given a chance? :(
  • Jay

    ask them for feedback. what are you doing wrong in the interview and what are you doing right. If its just down to experience then thats good as somewhere down the line you will be against people with no experience...

    and keep doing the interviews. make note of all the questions they ask and write yourself answers for them that you can trot out in future interviews
  • I've been getting feedback Rory. Er, first one I gave similar answers so needed to try to vary my answers. Then it was something else (forget what) then it was needed to give some more detail in my answers.
    Then today it was just a lack of experience, so it must have gone quite well today then. Just lack of enough experience went against me, AGAIN! :mad: :crybaby: