Castelvania "sotn"
  • Hi everyone!
    My name is guido and i'm a new member!!
    I know that i'm requiring help for and old old game,
    but i bought it 2 years ago and i started it playing only
    few days ago!
    I'm looking for help concerning how to get the bat form
    and double jump, at the moment i found the following
    areas: marble gallery / alchemy lab / clock tower / outer wall/
    caverns / royal chapel and actually i've reached 30%
    The problem is that there are many areas where the flight
    is needed and i don't know how to do it!
    Is there someone who can help me?
  • First you need to get double jump.
  • uau!! many thanks this will be very helpful for me,
    if iwill need help again i will send another message!
    thanks again
  • hi punk buddy!! it's still me i finally obtained bat and mist
    and now i can play better!!
    at the moment i have to beat 2 bosses: richter and orlok,
    but i edon't know if i am equiped with the right weapons
    as at the moment i'm using damascus sword and holy rod,
    do you know which the best weapons are and maybe where
    i can find them!
    thanks for your help
  • Well, best weapons are a matter of opinion.
  • hi!1
    Many thanks for your help!! but i think now i have
    another problem, yesterday i've beaten a strong boss
    called "ORLOX" and then i've beaten "RICHTER" and now
    the game is over, i know of course that this is a false
    ending but at the moment i don't know which areas
    are missing, i will keep your suggestions concerning
    the weapons but at the moment i'm a little bit confused,
    this is a strange game i think!
    Do you know what shoulda do now?
    many thanks again for your help
  • I think I know what happened there,hazard.Equip the Holy Glasses-this will reveal an orb that is actually controlling Richter.That is what you should be attacking,not Richter himself.

    You get the glasses from Maria in the room below the giant clock in Marble Gallery-this opens after you have and equip the gold and silver rings.These are found in the room at the end of the spiked hallway in the Royal Chapel area (you'll have to get the Spike Breaker Armor to make it) and after defeating the Succubus,whose room you find on the right hand side near the top of the long drop in Groundwater Vein.When you get to this spot use your bat transformation to easily reach it.

    I'd advise starting from your last save and do a good bit more exploring! :thumbsup:
  • hi london!!
    many thanks to you too for your help!
    I realized just today that i've alreqady beaten succubus
    and therefore i own the gold ring but i still
  • Yep,that's the hallway I spoke of-you get the Silver ring at the end of it after a small talk with Maria.

    To get the Spike Breaker Armor needed to get through here head to The Catacombs.Head down to Groundwater Vein-you will recall a wooden bridge blocking a passage below.Head left and you will see a skeleton ape carring an explosive barrel.Lead him to the bridge and make him throw it at you to blast the bridge.This will take you to Abandoned Pit,with the entrance to The Catacombs very close at hand.

    You'll eventually find a room in The Catacombs that is completely dark.The path to the armor is lined with spikes-easiest way through is to transform into the bat and use the sonar to help guide you along.

    Once you have both rings head to the big clock in Marble Gallery and equip both the gold and silver ring.This will open a passageway where you again find Maria (she does travel fast doesn't she?).She will give you the Holy Glasses which will let you see the orb controlling Richter when you fight him.Once you do destroy this orb there is another castle ready and waiting-with some much tougher enemies if you're not properly equipped and levelled-up.Good luck! :thumbsup: