Happy Birthday Rory K STAFF
  • Happy Birthday Rory!

    Thanks so much for everything over the years here. If it were not for you being so helpful all those years ago, I might never have become a regular member here!

    So, anyone who has any complaints about me, you know where to send them!;)

    Best Wishes on your Birthday Rory! :D
  • Yup, hope you had a great bday Rory.
    Your age started going down yet? :laugh: lol
  • Ah yes, one of the loyal Specimen Alpha fans.:)

    I do hope your birthday was a special one Rory. I'll try to get my noggin rolling and type out another chapter for you to read.

    Hope you had a good day!
    Happy birthday!:)
  • Sorry I was a day late, but happy b-day buddy!
  • thanks friends.

    yesterday was just the finale to a long weekend of savagery. A wedding on friday, a BBQ on saturday, my wedding anniversary on sunday and birthday on monday ;)

    And astonshingly I even got the mythical birthday present yesterday too :o

    Charger - you make it sound like I inducted you to a colony of vampries or something equally pleasent....
  • Happy Birthday Babe

    From me and tiffness

    x x x