Medal of Honor: Vanguard cheats. PS2
  • Please. Are any cheats available for Medal of Honor: Vanguard on PS2?
  • I've found two cheats:

    Extra Armor: right, left, right, down, up, right

    Invisibility: up, right, left, down, down, up

    Please note that I haven't tried the cheats because I don't have the game. I did get them from a reliable source though, so they should be good.
  • Has there been any progress on Medal of Honor: Vanguard cheats since I posted this in August? The cheat for Invisibility (Invincibility?) doesn't work. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Playing on PS2.
  • Here's a small detail that may have been missed from that usually reliable source- before entering the cheats pause the game and push up, down, up, down on the D-pad. You should then see a message saying "enter cheat code". Enter the code, unpause and it should work then.
  • Thank's for the effort Lyndon M. I knew about enter cheat code. When enter cheat code comes up I enter up right left down(2) up for invisability and all I get is "cheat code failed". Any other ideas?