Need Help for Kingdom Hearts
  • Hello! New here and I have a couple of questions.
    I've heard you could give the metal choccobo to the guy in front of the Accessory Shop and then talk to Cloud and he can be one of your team members. I've tried to give the key but I can't. :(

    Second, I'm not able to get to the Muddy Path in the 100 Acre Wood. Is it because I have already visited the End of the World before doing so? :confused:

    Thanx for being here, or I'd go crazy!
  • Hi and welcome to api! As far as your first question goes, it isn't true. Cloud isn't available as a playable character in the game.

    About your second question, it shouldn't matter if you have been to the end of the world or not. Are you sure you have all of the torn pages? If not their locations are as follows:

    Hollow Bastion - Crystal Fissure
    Agrabah - Ruined Chamber (after Magic Carpet)
    Land of Dragons - Throne Room
    Pride Lands - Oasis
    Disney Castle - Library

    I hope this helps any. If not let me know and I'll see what I can figure out for you.
  • Um... I think you're talking about Kingdom Hearts Two. (which I'm gonna get after I finish the first one!)
  • Lol, my bad. I forgot that KH1 even had the 100 acre wood. The answer about cloud is still the same for KH1 though, he can't be used.

    For the muddy path in KH1 its the last minigame you are able to unlock so mack sure you have completed the hunny tree, Rabbits House, Wood: Hill, and Giant Pot first. The next thing to make sure is that you have all the torn pages, their locations are as follows:

    -Agrabah: Cave of Wonders: Dark Chamber
    It is in a treasure chest in the middle island. Open the chest to receive
    your first Torn Page.

    -Monstro: Chamber 6 [*]
    On top of a platform on the side of the chamber. This platform is too high
    to reach with jump, so throw a barrel on the top step. Then jump onto the
    barrel and from there jump up to the platform to open the chest. (You can also
    Superglide over from the opposite ledge if you have it learned).

    -Atlantica: Ariel's Grotto
    Go into Ariel's Grotto and simply open all the treasure chests. It should
    be near the top.

    -Halloween Town: Research Lab
    Search the bookcase to find this Torn Page.

    -Total of 51 Dalmations [*]
    After finding a total of 51+ Dalmation pups (17+ chests' worth), head over
    to the Piano Room of the Dalmations' House (off of the 2nd District) and
    approach Pongo & Perdita; they will reward you with a Torn Page. You may have
    to collect previous prizes from them at this point if you haven't done so

    After collecting all the torn pages and completing all of the prior minigames it should let you in. All this information I got from a guide though. Its been a good while since I have played KH1 so Im going to go through one of my previous game saves and try it all for myself to make sure and/or figure out any difficulties. So I'll repost in a few hours, or maybe tomorrow with what I personally figured out.
  • :D
    Thanx! I just had to finish Tigger's minigames. Then, the torn pages became the Muddy Path and I sealed the keyhole.

    Now I just have to figure out where to fight Red Nocturnes, so I can synthesize everything to get the Ultima weapon. and the annoying Mystery Goo.