Stuck in FFVII Dirge of Cerberus
  • Hi!! Well, i can't beat Weiss the Immaculate stage. No matter how many times i hit him, his power/life bar is still full! :( Can u tell me how? I read that a Death Penalty gun helps but i can't find it :confused: even when i played it for second time. Can u tell me in more detail how to find this Death Penalty gun, like which stage, chapter and where? If i don't have this Death Penalty gun, is there other way to beat this Weiss guy? Please help!! Thanks!!
  • When you first fight him you can't hurt him at all. You have to get defeated, then they will show a short cutscene and the real fight begins. From this point on you can hurt him with gunfire, magic, or limit breaks.

    At this point in the game if I remember correctly you can't get the death penalty yet. The death penalty is given to you during a cut scene during the last part of chapter 12 and can only be used once you've obtained the chaos mode.
  • Try and avoid him like the plague. keep your distance and keep shooting. When he throws those bolt balls at you, stand beind one of the huge tubes, and walk backwards. They'll miss you and hit the tubes. Then just start again until he dies, i found him easy like this.