• hi my name is ashley and i was wondering if you can tell me where to find the last symbol to entre the plane?! i already have the navy and army proof but cant seem to find the other one can someone please help????

    When you revisit the private residence head up the stairs and
    to the hallway where you heard alexia and alfred talking, now head
    to alexia's room, once inside use the queen ant object on the music box
    and a music box plate will be revealed, take it and head back to the
    previous hall.

    This time head to alfred's room, that is the room which is at the end
    of the hall, once your inside use the king ant object on the music
    box and it will open up, now use the music plate and alfred's bed will
    lower revealing a ladder for you to climb. Climb it and you will come
    across a merry go round, take note of the ant painting and head around
    the ride, you'll see something shining, take it, this is the dragon fly
    object, check it and remove its wings, then head to the ant picture
    and insert this key in the ant painting, now the ride will start spinning
    and you'll see another ladderway to climb.

    Climb this new ladder and in the new area push the crate under the book
    shelf now climb it and take the book and the airforce proof you'll find there.

    hi there thanks for the help but the problem i have is where do you find the king and queen ant symbols? thats where im stuck im sorry i never mentioned it but please i really need help!!! ive been at this game a week and still had no luck please let me no soon

    thanks ashley c

    You will find the ants on your second visit to the palace. When you enter the palace go up the stairs and into the game room. use the piano roll you should have found earlier on the piano- this will reveal the king ant by one of the slot machines. The queen ant will be in the save game room. Once you have both you can head back to the private residence.

    im sorry but im a little confused. i have just past the part where you get the skeleton picture which is in the lab but after that i got stuck ive been everywhere and still cant find any answers i know i must be doing your head in by now but i really want to get this part over and done with. also there is a door which is blocked at the prison where you put the shield into the door but after moving the crate it still wont open why is that? im sorry once again

    thank you for your help ashleyc

    What game is this for?

    It's Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, Mike. :p

    Ok, you're a bit further back than the stuff you asked about earlier, Ashley. When you get to the skeleton picture zoom in on it and you will find a code to jot down/ memorize.

    Now head to the brown door and enter it, your in the same hall where you got the emblem card from in the first place, head back down the courtyard back to the first double doors you took in the military facility area, once in here use the biohazard card for the last time on the first shutters you see and discard it, then climb the stairs and past the door with no knob and enter the lab once again.

    Now head to the other door and enter the code you found off the skeleton painting to open the door, the code is 1126. Now head forward and take the painting and an albanoid will come out, dodge it quickly and head to the main exit of the lab before it closes, head towards the stairs of the main doors and you'll see a cutscene of Claire jumping for the doors. After barely escaping this head back to the main courtyard of the military facility.

    Now head to the door which leads to the tank room, take it and enter it. Head through the double doors back to the room where Steve shot his dad. Head to the single door and head again to the room where you got the eagle plate from, now put the painting in place of the plate and a wall will slide up showing the model of the facility and a key- take the key and head back to the main courtyard of the training facility. Take the main passage out of the facility and head back to the palace.

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    hi can you please help? im looking for the piano piiece for the casino room and i was told that it was on top of the piano. im a little confused because it isnt there can you please tell me where to find it? thanks


    resident evil code:veronica x
  • gah- i buggered that merge attempt up didn't i?:eek:

    You'll find the piano roll when you revisit the prison. When you reach the sword room head forward and take the rusted sword. The room will begin to fill up with gas after the statue rises. Look at the center statue, there is a bar, press it anti clockwise and the gas will stop. Now you can do the thing safely. The centre statue will now spin-use the rusted sword on it and a zombie will pop out of no where, kill it and take the piano roll.
  • ok so the piano roll is in the prison?! but i knowin the prison where you release the door where the zombies are caged up you head forward and enter the gate. once done so there is a crate blocking a door i moved the crate but it seems to be still blocked is that where the piano piece is? and if so how do i open the door???

  • Yes, it is in the prison but you have to wait until you have to go there a second time to get it.

    Actually, once you open the gate with the zombies you should head back to the previous hall- the other door is blocked. Once back in the secutiry box hallway head to the 3D duplicator machine- it is to the right of the table where you found the goodies. Examine it and then place the hawk emblem in the machine, now head back to the original exit of the room and take the handgun , its ammo and some herbs from the first ever security box, now exit this room. Head to the gate and you'll see a blinking light near it, check it and its a switch, open the gate with it, once the gate opens quickly shoot the closer zombies with the help of the barrel and kill any zombies which remain after that. Once they are all killed head to the garage area and enter it.

    Here take the fire extinguisher and the padlock key from inside the cage, now head back outside. Now we have to do some backtracking, head back all the way to the first room with the zombies, remember the place where you saw the burning truck ? Head there. Along the way in the barracks hallway you'll be attacked by some dogs, ignore them and head back through the steve area which will be infested with zombies now, and head back to the burning truck room.

    Once back here kill all the zombies with the handgun and head for the truck. Use the extinguisher on the truck and you can take the briefcase now, take it and check it, examine it and turn it so the front part of the briefcase is facing you. Now press the action button and claire will open the case, revealing 2
    items, one file and a TG-01. Take em both. Now head back to the courtyard.