Running gun battles with the police
  • Here's something i found yesterday - i was wandering around the subway and 'accidentally' blew the heads off a couple of innocent pedestrians, as you do. Before i knew it i had a star and some idiot police dude started using me for target practice. As you know when you start taking care of police officers (it was self defence - he fired first honest guv!) you quite quickly tend to accumulate stars and it isn't that long before the real heavy duty boys start to arrive. Running around the subway 2's and 3's of police would appear and say hello to the business end of my AK and soon i was up to 6 stars and i expected to be very dead, very soon. However all that happened as i ran around dealing death was that only a handful of police would get in my way. Feeling rather brave that i was on 6 stars and still kicking ass i decided to make my way up the stars to the surface (i was in the Shoreside Vale subway by the airport which has nice and wide steps). As i made my way slowly up the steps a few police can running down towards me and occasionally some sneaky git would try and shoot me in the back, but other than that - no major problems. With being a short way up the steps you start to be able to see the sky, so it would have been rude not to say hello to the guys in the police choppers now wouldn't it? he he

    The thing is every time i dropped back underground into the subway i would always meet only a few cops, but i found it very cool to be running around in the tunnels swapping bullets with them without some car slamming into me or some FBI dude taking me down before i could grab some cover. Every so often i'd go up the steps and take out the choppers and some more cops as they ran towards me.

    After an hour of cop maiming i decided to do a Butch and Sundance- as you know, when you're on 6 stars and on foot, you tend to last about 2 seconds even with full health and armour. As i got to the top of the steps (after lobbing serious amounts of grenades and molotovs to try and give me some cover) i just about got time to see just how many folks and vehicles had come to the party - i truly had never seen so many guns pointed at me before!

    lasting 2 seconds would have been nice.....i don't think i even made it to 1! At least i took a serious amount of those bast**ds with me! :2devilish:

    The internet cafe (TW@ - he he) in Staunton is also a good place to start a small war - bullets may bounce off the tanks and even the rocket launcher doesn't seem to do that much, but the 3 or 4 molotovs tend to do the trick. Just get up on the first floor (the authorities are like Daleks - they don't do stairs very well

  • I'm not going to go into as much detail as you Gideon but the best place i found for a gun battle is in the multi-story car park in Staunton Island - I go on the roof and sniper a few pedestrians until my star count gets to 3, helicopters then come and i blow up a few of them until my start count gets to 6 then i go to the bottom floor of the carpark and have a full scale war against the army and the FBI but once i leave the carpark a tank comes out of nowhere and blows me too peices.
  • I like it on the top of luigis strip club and the building acroos the street from luigis.Plus the pay and spray is like a block away they only thing you have to worry about is those pesky helicopters. You can easily get an fbi car or a tank if you drop a ####tail or grenade down there to kill of the guys
  • i agree with u Kirkus Maximus. The subway is the best D@MN place for a gun-fight!! I swear! Anyway the strip club is ok but the car park is
  • my favorite place is the alley where you deliver the gang cars for king courtney. The choppers can barely get to you and you have a great vantage point on them, also if they try to come into the alley they blow up. The tanks cannot get in except single file and they have a tough time doing that, the molotovs take them out, and it spreads quickly too. The fuzz will only enter one way of the alley so you never have to watch your back and you can always gundown the jacka$$ police officer who runs into the alleyway.
  • One of my favorite places to