boondock saints
  • the boondock saints,,, how many people have seen this movie,.,.,its one of the best but its not well known,. so if your reading this and havent seen itm, go get it NOW!!!! so im starting a little saints tread,.,discuss it or whatever or maby just drop by and say how great the movie is,.,.,
  • I watched it sometime ago, i cant remember much, but i remember it was awesome !!!! It is the one where the cop is played by the guy who was green goblin in spiderman 1 right....???? But yeah from what i remember amazing movie highly reccommended...:D
  • The boondock saints is the best movie ever.

    I quote that movie all day long, lol. I could watch it a million times and it would still be great.
  • Never heard of it. But with three recommendations, maybe I should look into it ;).

    Edit: It sure has gotten poor ratings... you guys must sarcastically be saying that it is good huh? You pullin' my leg you jerks?
  • Lol..... Of course not MCW....:rolleyes:

    No honestly, its a great film, if you like that kinda film, its great....:D