Clive Barker's Jericho ?
  • I was trying to post this under the correct topic but "PS3 game" board seems to be restricted to posting new threads. Sorry in advance for doing it here:)
    Clive Barker's Jericho: Cannot be sold openly in Germany,without this USK rating...?
  • You're in the right place here, Drumstix- the PS3 Game Comments section you were trying before is a slightly different set up.

    Now, as mentioned you won't be seeing the game in Germany. In fact, you won't even get the demo on the German store (what's the point if the full version won't be available, after all). The only way the full version will be available in germany is the PC version, which doesn't require the USK approval.

    Just about every other country with regionalized PSN access does have the demo now. If you really want to check the demo out you will have to set yourself up a new username using a different e-mail on the PS3. The trick here is to use an actual address from that area, which can be easily found by picking a spot at random on a Google Map.
  • Will that work... legally ? I don't wanna step across any boundries, but I did find that when I registerd my PS3 with germany as the residing country then it give me an option bar to set desired language, here's the odd part, there were NO other languages to choose from!ONLY german(deutsch) Then the rest of my registration process was all in german.I would love to be able to check out news/trailers at the PS store (in English!) All ideas appreciated