Greeting to all...I finally made the jump !
  • :p I was always a sony PS fan, but when i purchased my first Xbox I've been stuck there until I noticed Halo3 comming. Faced with a decision on which HD console to get this time around I crunched the numbers for "what" you get for the money on both consoles. It's not alot of difference in price! Anyway I've got the PS3 and I hope the next years game line-up will include halo3. I know MS might not allow that but they would still make a percentage from it anyway. It doesn't hurt and in my opinion its worth waiting if games get delayed for more tweeking! after all it's about the games that make a console great !!! :cool:
  • Welcome to api! How do you like your ps3 so far? I don't have one yet, Im still lagging behing, lol.
  • I'm loving it so's only 1 week old... but i love the feature that allows you to change the bitrate of the music you store on your hard drive,i.e. 96kps to 360kps the later being cd quality. My only game complaint so far is R.F.O.M. could use more colors. I hope new shooters will include more of a color spectrum than there is at the present. Oh and thanks :cool:
  • Hi Drumstix, welcome to Absolute PlayStation Network, its great to have you onboard !

    Do you have a HDTV, and if so have you watched a Blu-Ray movie on your PS3 yet ?

    Do you play online ? if yes, let us know your online name so you can hook up with other members.

  • Jim, Unfortunatly I have NOT a HD tv/projector... maybe after christmas when they get a bit cheaper. As far as playing online I must a get a wireless router or run a cable through a solid wall. which leads me to a question:
    I have a iMac with an "airport" card inside for wirless connectivity from other macs. Any chance on getting my PS3 online using that method? I tried a scan but only found several neighbors connections...oops
  • Hi Drumstix - welcome to the family!!!

    We dont have a PS3 yet what with just moving house and stuff but my dad has one so we get our kicks round at his house!!! I saw the locoroco trailer he downloaded for it last week andit looks wicked!! My mum has never been a gamer but she wont give chris (my husband) his copy back for the PSP!!

    Anyways welcome aboard!!
  • I loved you locoroco, I loved you!! *sniff* bloody mum-in-law has had my copy of Locoroco for 2 months now, never picked up the PSP before until she saw that game. They went on holiday & took it with them!

    I get my PS3 kicks the same way Jane does, When her dad gets a new game I'm there for hours, he won't let me go home!

    At the moment I've converted Jane to the ways of Gamecube/Wii as she picked her Wii machine up yesterday & both hooked on it. PS3 will be next year and at a push a 2nd hand X360 just to play a few games. Don't think much of Halo 3 at the moment, bit samey of the last 2 games and from what I've been told from friends at work they wasted money on the game.

    So what games are you into?
  • a little of every gender...but I tend to like the shooters best(FPS) oh and morrowind genre & flight sims...chow