15 Years
  • Hi. I new?

    I be 15 and totally awesome.

    Be my pal.


    And if you believed that, I have more for you. Anyway, it's been forever and a year since I last posted..... or maybe it was more recent..... in any case, I am around--maybe.
  • Good to have you back again!! What have you been up to lately?

    You should check out all of the awesome things Jim has been working on. PS3 News | PS2 News | PSP News | PlayStation News is pretty sweet.
  • As part of the Buddy Squad, I'd love to welcome you back into the family madhtr.

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me.
    Oh yeah, and happy posting!!:p
  • Welcome back!!!

    So much has been happening i dont know where to start lol!!
  • Welcome back ! :)

    Tell us all what you have been up to..?
  • Hmmmm....

    Iunno what you last heard about so:

    I left Circuit City in May 2005
    Joined Sheetz (gas station/convenience store) in September 05
    Went into Management in June 06
    Left there in February 07
    Visited Aksys, Atlys, NIS America, Square Enix, and XSeed Games in June 07
    Started college in July 07
    Start working at Gamestop tomorrow

    Oh, and I'm the PR Manager and third-in-command for RPGamer, though I have held many positions there since I originally left here. I got bored and decided to come back here to help people.

    So maybe a few things happened. How about with you all?
  • Tiff and I are married now ;)

    Nothing major really lol
  • Jane N STAFF said:
    Tiff and I are married now ;)

    Nothing major really lol

    Like I wouldn't keep up with that? :P