• Hi guys i am new to this forum and am already having problems.

    i play battlefield 2 online.

    but i have encountered some little american idiot sounds about 13 who keeps freezin my ps2 out, i have contacted EA games and gamespy over this with no help being given what so eva.

    Now i have found out that you can do this using gamespy arcade 2.0, by sendind a certain message.

    does anyone know how to do this and if so please tell me.

    i need to counter strike this idiot as EA and Gamespy have no interest in sorting this problem.

    cheers carl
  • guess no one knows how to do this guess this little idiot is going to get away Scot free, like most of the little scally cap convicts do in this world
  • Never heard of this cheat until now, Carl. I tried a google search with various phrases and came up blank. Only thing I can suggest is not play this guy if at all possible for now.
  • I wish it was possible but he has some way of tracking me and i dont know how, there are 24 players on each game and he can track me to every game.

    if you look at youtube uk site version.

    in the search window type

    ps2 bf2 freeze and watch the vid that is as much as i have been able to find as well just keep coming up blank :(