GT5 Prologue - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
  • When GT launched in 1997 in Japan (it followed a year later in the US and Europe), it was an immediate success. Never before had such an in-depth racer been seen on any console, and it even gave PC racers a run for their money too. With 250 cars to race over 11 courses, and the option to tune your car to your exact specifications, it was a dream come true for petrol heads everywhere. Normal racing fans could get into it as well, though, thanks to the forgiving handling of the arcade mode, and it was this accessibility that drove Gran Turismo and its sequels to sell over 50 million copies worldwide. Now it
  • Gran Turismo fans can now grab a free demo of GT5 Prologue by logging into the Japanese PlayStation Store right now. You will need to create a new PSN account and register as living in Japan (just Google - create JAP PSN account)... its all free.

    You get a small selection of cars and use of the Suzuka GP track (used in the formula 1 season until this year), against 15 other cars.

    I have never seen a game that looks as good as this. The cars and drivers look photo-realistic on a full definition HDTV.

    There is also a sample of GT-TV channels that allow you to download tv programmes all about cars and racing.

    If you are a racing fan, this is definitely worth 20 minutes of your time to set up a JAP account and download the demo.

    This feels like the first game that has unlocked the potential of the PS3 cell processor.
  • i have prolouge and im at the end of c class racing on number 8 its a mission race but because its in jap i cant read the spec of the car that i need to enter . can any one help i need to know how to finish the first class
  • Sony and Polyphoney have failed to produce a game with any distinct improvements to their competitor Feroza on the Xbox360 their lack of motion steering support is conspicously absent. Steering is the one thing the sixaxis controller appears to be ideal for their failure to support this function mabey because of defective design of the sixaxis this once again shows the superiority of the xbox360's Feroza.
    Sony are poly-phoney with their claims about the sixaxis their statements that the motion sensing is realtime- and high precision are misrepresenting and deceiving to customers. Their statement should read sixaxis motion control is completly unsupported by our own games divisions in any meaningfull way and at best it has massive lag and is very low precision.

    Naturally i am not buying this game sony are just pathetic deception artists interested more in hyping their games and then selling subquality rubbish like gt5p.
  • Now mind you, I really like the GT series but...

    What does this 'Prologue' stand for exactly. Quoting prologue - Definitions from it means:

    1. a preliminary discourse; a preface or introductory part of a discourse, poem, or novel.
    2. an introductory speech, often in verse, calling attention to the theme of a play.
    3. the actor or actress who delivers this.
    4. an introductory scene, preceding the first act of a play, opera, etc.
    5. any introductory proceeding, event, etc.: Appetizing delicacies were the prologue to a long dinner.

    So I would be spending 25.49 Euro for an 'introdution' to a game, which will be then released in full with more content and I wil lbe paying i would say the average 55 Euro. No thanks to that.

    This does not minimise the quality of the game but sure is a punch in the face to the marketing people!
  • Did you play GT5, geuss not I do not thingk there is any gam at this stage Graphics wise that will beet GT5.

    Yes Feroza is cool and all but Hey GT5 rocks man, How about the fact that you can buy a F1 racer??

    PS3 rocks man!!!
  • I will personally wait for the full version before thinking of buying this.
  • Yeah its the "prologue" version of GT5. Which means its giving everyone of a taste of whats to come, GT5 will be released later this year and that is the "full game".

    The fact is though, GT5 Prologue is well worth the cheap RRP you will pay for it. It has online multiplayer and will recieve DLC (Downloaded content) in the future. So its not really a "prologue" to GT5 in a sense.
  • been playing gt5. nice graphics runs very smoothly. what i am wondering is how do you download other peoples ghost laps? i've seen in various write ups of prologue how this is a feature but can't see where this is done. i hope they add more multi player features to the game like being able to create a private game, and be able to download other peoples saved laps (not their ghost lap), also being able to have races that are more than 2 laps
    and can anyone offer advice or point to a youtube vid of how to complete the class c integra challenge where you have to beat 15 other drivers after starting last on the fast circuit?
  • c20let - for the mission you need the Honda R-type. The same in the class B.
    BTW - the mission in class C is not to hard, but in class B, f***,%&$/"!. The best place I took was 6th and I can't pass to the next class. Personally, I think the mission thing is stupid. I'm stack with it.
  • i searched on youtube for "grand turismo integra b-6" and saw how others did it, and after trying many more times i came second which was enough to get me to the next class, phew

    Wish list for prologue update or full gt5

    Multiplayer - create games and be able to specify number of laps, private races, what car is allowed or allow all cars (would good to have a race where everyone was on an even footing racing with the same car)

    Able to download other people's replays

    Really hope they fix the physics where the game doesn't model the weight of the car and friction when it has stopped, as the car will start rolling backwards or forwards on the slightest slope, even when resting on the grass

    Improve the ai so that cars approaching another car stopped on the raceline, will pass the car and not just ram it

    Changing weather including clouds blocking the sun, rain

    In an ideal world, changing lighting conditions as the time of the day changes

    Tracks - nurburgring - the original 22km nordschleife ("northern loop") version
  • Well, the graphics are great, but... And yes, there's a "but" for me. I thought that it will be the simulation game, not the arcade. In all car racings there're the qualifs to determine the positions for the race. The missions that have to overtake in one lap 15 cars, well, not really a simulation. If it would be simulation the mission like this is impossible with other cars mostly the same power. I hope that the full game will be more simulation, if not, I surely won't buy it. They should work on the AI. For the moment it's AS, (artificial stupidity), instead of AI. You overtake a car, you are a little ahead of it, and it slams into you because it take the ideal race line. Come on! Worse, they hit you, you loose you race line, slowing down, almost loose control, loose speed. Funny, you do the same, and it's the same - nothing happens to others - you loose. You pass on the grass - loose speed, not them. You are outside of the track, you can spin - not them. And there're plenty of annoying things like this. So, better not talk about the damages, because with the AI like this, we would never end the race. Conclusion, I'll wait and see if the full version will be simulation or arcade like. Happily, the Grid from Codemasters will be off in summer, maybe better simulation then...
  • The Way To Beating The C Class With The Interga Is By Slipstreaming All The Cars (I Got 1st Place By Slipstreaming:)

    I couldnt agree with you more... The aggravation that the AI causes me is outrageous!!!!!!! Especially the ramming penalty, when it was the opponent AI car that slamed into the side of me. NOT MY FAULT!!!! Yet I get the 4 second penalty.

    Hopefully they work this out soon and provide an update to correct this problem.

    I totally love this game. But this is a real issue for me.

  • crw1,
    I hope that they will correct also some basic physics laws. I wait and see. I hope that in the final version, they will introduce the qualifications - the way race should be. If not, well, this summer Codemasters go with Grid. The demo is fine, but the steering wheel is quite not well supported yet.
  • I've done Honda R-type mission and now I'll have to do the same with Ferrari. Only this one before the class S.
  • I played it for about 3-4 hours, and those are hours of my life i won't get back.

    Give me Race Driver GRID any day, for me its about fun, not realism.
  • The graphics on this game are fantastic in 1080P. The only thing that I can't figure out is why the Driving Force GT wheel is so sloppy. When using the standard hand controller, all of the cars remain in a straight line until the steering button is moved. The Driving Force GT on the other hand is terrible. It is impossible to steer in a straight line. The wheel constantly goes left/right/left/right down the track. I was going to exchange the wheel for another since I thought is was defective but I've already received a reply from another member telling me that he returned his wheel and went back to the hand controller. Is this happening to everyone that owns the Driving Force GT wheel and pedals? If your real life car drove like that, you'd drive down the middle lane and hit both the car in the right lane as well as the car in the left lane. I sure hope that Logitech fixes this bug as it is very annoying.
  • I have the same wheel, (Driving Force GT), and it's OK. A couple of time I've got the wheel turning right of left, but I think it's interaction wheels - road. One time, when I spun, the steering wheel turned to correct the spin, harder, than I did. Somewhat weird, because I had turned all assistance off.
  • My final opinion of the GT5 Prologue, is well, sad to say it, but a little stupid. The programmers have to work really hard on the final version to change some things. Maybe the change of AI behavior would the most important. I remember in the first racing simulation the AI cars rolling like they would be on some rail, but hey, it was in the last century! The things have changed since, but not for GT, I can see. The other is penalties. Look, have you ever seen the penalty for hitting the barrier or wall? In any race? (In the real world I mean). You are already penalized as is, no need for another one. The AI cars, rolling on rail, hit you and YOU! got penalty, not them! Come on. The last one was the best - I overtake one car and start to turn, he hit me so I loose control, (but not the penalty), I touch the barrier, (another one), and I'm stuck with the nose to the barrier, another one arrive and hit me, penalty for collision to me, (funny thing, it didn't slow the other car a bit), so I hit the barrier again and got another penalty!!! Another funny thing - sometimes, when you're slowed down by penalty or other thing, the AI car pass by you, like the ghosts! Man! Something badly wrong with this game! The programmers should buy some other simulations and play them for the while to see how the things work out today in racing simulations. Maybe collaborate with some or at least one car driver from real racing to have an opinion? Luckily the Grid is out and Codemasters prepare the F1 game for next year, so there's hope and there's still some racing simulation. I read in some forum that GT series will be abandoned, and hey!, no big deal, if they have to continue like this. Wake boys from Polyphonie!
  • the penalty about the wall is becasue theres no dmage in prologue so that is the alternative
  • OK than, but why the AI cars don't get this penalty? It should be equal, no? And what about the AI car that's raming? Very often that you who have penalty, never them. And the collision? AI hits you real hard, so you get outside of the track and you get penalty for the shortcut or hitting the barrier. What about you on track, and the AI car comes from outside the track and hit you and you get collision penalty? All this is piece of **** and the programmers have to work really hard to correct these problems. Racing game is not only the fine (even photo realistic) graphics. Well, but if you want it for playing online only, whith the sixaxis, say it, arcade, that's the maybe the game. As for me, I'm really desapointed
  • novarse said:
    been playing gt5. nice graphics runs very smoothly. what i am wondering is how do you download other peoples ghost laps? i've seen in various write ups of prologue how this is a feature but can't see where this is done. i hope they add more multi player features to the game like being able to create a private game, and be able to download other peoples saved laps (not their ghost lap), also being able to have races that are more than 2 laps
    and can anyone offer advice or point to a youtube vid of how to complete the class c integra challenge where you have to beat 15 other drivers after starting last on the fast circuit?

    yes its called slip streaming.and if you don't no what slipstreaming is ,yoiu shouldnt be playing game luck it is difficult
  • Reall like the game but am unable to race some of the races in dthe dealership area,have beaten all the other classes,any help
  • Sorry this is not really about GT5, but GTHD Concept. I recently bought my PS3 and I heard about the FREE demo of the game. (Not Gran Tursimo 5 Prologue) Does anyone know any kind of way I can get the game now on a PAL PS3? Hopefully in English but other languages I don't mind as long as I can figure out whats what.
  • That demo was available in the PlayStation Store but I believe it has since been removed- you won't be able to get the Concept demo now.
  • The game is ok. I wish it had more damage to the cars if you hit the wall. To me thats really cool

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