PS3 OWNERS! Wireless or Direct Connect??
  • Well, things seem to be a little slow here on the forum so I figured I would start something.

    Please respond with your (successful) setup specs. Include all the details you can. If you are wireless or not? Which router? How far is it from your PS3? Which version PS3? TV/monitors that you are using? Add-ons (fans and such) Pretty much anything you can think of that has to do with your setup. Hopefully, this will lead to other discussions. WAKE UP!!
  • My PS3 is connected directly to my BT HomeHub that I got when we signed up for BT Broadband.
    I do, however, have my Wii connected wirelessly to it and the connection is fantastic.
    Unfortunately, I think the wireless card is much much much much MUCH better in the Wii than the PS3.
    Although, to be honest, I haven't tried my PS3 wirelessly.
  • Moved this to the PlayStation Discussion area- seemed more appropriate for the topic at hand.

    I'm using a 20 GB system so there was really no choice in the matter, I'm on a wired connection. Considering the router is in the same room it's no biggie (maybe 10 feet away). The router is a wireless but that's mainly for PSP use (grabbing firmware updates and such).
  • I have the 60gb ps3(second one i might add, the first one went up in smoke):mad: with a wired connection...And as far as the stats, all I know is that its DSL and its a motorola router...I mainly got it for online game play for the ps3....
  • While I think Wired could be better, and offer slightly higher speeds, it's not possible due to the location of my PC compared to the PS3. I was using a Linksys wireless router for a while, and it was decent, but I switched internet companies, and they gave me a free "Westell Model 327W" DSL modem. It is wireless, and it works excellently. I have all my handhelds and laptop wirelessly running off of it, and never have any problems.

    Again, I could run an ethernet, but it would be about 100+ ft., and that is stupid when I have a wireless router that works fine. Plus, it's one less wire behind the rat's nest that is my entertainment center :redface:. I'm all for a wireless future, uh huh.
  • MCWHAMMER said:
    ...I'm all for a wireless future, uh huh.

    New wireless type will make that happen.

    (oh, chat is in full flow right now by the way Matt and anyone else wanting to come join and say "hey!")

  • ive got mine running wirelessly,i use a THRUST MASTER fun access key,plug it into a usb on your pc and the ps3 picks it up very quickly my ps3 is down stairs and my pc is the bedroom at the oposite side of the house and ive had no prob's what so ever.GREAT BUY
  • wireless :) havnt had any problems yet and best thing took less than 5minutes to hook up :)
  • Wired..........
    I tried wireless and it didnt work too good, so i changed to wired and the connection is excellent..........:D
  • I'm the same as Rob, wired.
    PC is @ the end of the passageway
    My room is @ the end of the passageway.
    Wireless, I have no idea how to hook it up, any help?
  • i tried settings up wireless wich was pain in the ar*e but will try another day ethernet was easy plug ands play really so just kept to that.
  • go to set up it will ask wirelss set up click on that it wil ask to scan or select it choose scan once picked up your router twill ask for wap key and summet else these are written underneath the router its self type those details in then you should be away, if cant pick u the router contact your internet supplier and they will give you your router website thing as you can make it show its name and that should sort it out.
  • [QUOTE=shaddow;50311]I'm the same as Rob, wired.
    PC is @ the end of the passageway
    My room is @ the end of the passageway.
    Wireless, I have no idea how to hook it up, any help?

    THRUSTMASTER FUN ACCESS KEY.that is what i use plug sraight into the usb on your pc install and your away,no problems what so ever great piece of kit.
    ive tried wireless routers and didnt have clue how to do it and then i found this in GAME.
    my pc is upstairs and my ps3 is down stairs at the oposite side of the house if you want to go wireless then this is what you want.:) :) :)
  • thankyos amigos ill shall go to game
  • Just a Quick note on set-ups for wireless peeps... Consider that a microwave oven runs at 2.6GHz and can cause interference with electronics in the same frequency so placement can play a major role in quality outcome. Anyway due to the fact I live in a pretty dense apartment complex and the walls are stone I chose to run wired and so far no problems as to online gaming. Happy Holidays Gamers
  • I have my PS3 wired, I have it hooked up to my broadband router in my master bedroom, up threw my attic and down into my living room at the other end of my house. What a pain it was to hook up.

    Works great on my 60G PS3!!

  • I have a wireless router, oddly enough I have both my laptop and my 80gig PS3 wired to it. I'll try it wireless soon. No problems yet, but I have only had it set up for 3 days. I never had problems with my PS2 with the same set up.
  • I am currently using a wireless setup with a The D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit Router (DIR-655).

    D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router

    It was a little pricey but I have no problems whatsoever using this router for everything from PS3, laptops, to Ipod Itouch's. Definitely needed to protect the wi-fi due to the strong output. I would recommend this to anybody that wants to go the wireless route.
  • what's a SSID?.........
  • An SSID is the name of a wireless local area network (WLAN). All wireless devices on a WLAN must employ the same SSID in order to communicate with each other.
  • Wired.

    Ran the wire from a Linksys router in my office back to the 80GB PS3 in my bedroom that's hooked to a 32" RCA Monitor without a hitch. It works as smooth as a soft turd. :D
  • I have a wireless, but my system is close enough to direct connect. It seems that direct connecting is better for shooting games than wireless.
  • i would agree i always seem to have perfect conenction when wired up no lag or anything i definatley trust the old faithull copper when it comes to the tinternet.
  • 60GB ps3 and using Netgear wirless router, took less than 1 hour to install on PC and only 5 mins for PS3 to pick it up. No problems at all, excellent buy, would recommend it to anyone, mainly for its ease of use
  • yeh i got a netgear with post office internet absoloutley brilliant no problems with connection atall brilliant speeds aswell on a line test im getting 6.5 mb. Couldnt believe it.

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