Ugh - Its winter!!
  • Yep - ive officially welcomed winter - i hate it hate it hate it!!! The only good thing is halloween and its even worse because we havent evenhad a proper summer!!!

    I feel sick with a chesty cough thing and like a blimp because i have so many layers on! I even had bed socks on last night my feet were so cold - sexy eh!!?

    Grrr!!!!! Im going getting my hair cut at Toni & Guy to cheer myself up - oh and getting a Wii - WOOOO!!!
  • I love the winter personally, best time of the year....:)
  • I like the colder weather. I really hope we get a good snow this year. It's been like 3 years since our last blizzard.
  • Wanna send some of that cold our way? We're still in the 80 degrees zone.:(

    I've got lots of winter-ish coats and such, but not cold enough weather to wear it in.
  • I wish it wasn't in the 90s here the past few days.... Seriously, I don't like 90s in October. They need to go away.
  • He Lives!!!! Good to see you again mad!
  • Mad man!!! It's about time you came back.:p

    I was wondering if you had just flat out abandoned me.;)
  • It's 94 degrees right now!
  • Yeah its pretty hot here in NC too. I was going to buy some new clothes, but looks like I won't be needing them any time soon.
  • I gotta totally agree with Jane. Winter IS awful. Even more awful than the fall. Great waiting for summer commences. It's a good thing I got me Return Of The King for PS2, I can sure burn down some time with that one. Lots of other games await..good luck winter:p
  • I hate it even worse like it is now.... 70s and 80s by day, high 40s and 50s by night. It throws off my knees like crazy.... They get pissed off and go on strike.
  • All of you go away!! It was 7.5 degrees C this morning when i was driving to work

    Id swop that for sunshine anydays - I HATE WINTER!!
  • Want to come over here then Jane? It's cold here, but not 7.5 degrees Celcius. The only problem here is it's warmer in the day and cold in the night. I don't mind the tempreture, but I just wish it would remain consistant.;)
  • I hate it when its cold at night!!! I dont like wearing socks in bed but i hate getting my feet cold!!
  • Personally, I like winter. I can always put on more clothes.... but I can only take off but so many.

    Right now, it's 76 (24) and it'll likely get up to about 80ish before all is said and done. It's ridiculous that it's this warm and it's nearly November.
  • HAHAHAHAHA!!! I guess its not too soon to start posting.
    My favorite time is fall. Hoody and jeans weather. I cant stand hot weather. In the fall and winter, you can always put on more clothes or a blanket but in the summer, you can only take so much off without getting into some sort of trouble. Whoever inveted air conditioning should be king of the world in my opinion. I was just down in my home state of SC for my honeymoon a couple of weeks ago and thats about the only thin I dont miss about being down there....the weather. I'm hoping Jersey gets a blizzard this year.
  • Well im gonna be working outside in the winter this year, dont really mind it as long as i have decent gloves. I hope it snows before the end of january this year
  • lucky for you lot, its p***ing it down with rain here in the UK :( ah wel any excuse to play the ps3 after some beer's :)
  • -=Gladius=- said:
    Well im gonna be working outside in the winter this year, dont really mind it as long as i have decent gloves. I hope it snows before the end of january this year

    I've been there before. I used to survey land and was outside 40hrs a week during the winter. Gloves and hoodies help a ton.
  • yeh i feel for you. i hate winter as well.
  • try doing stagg duty in minus 4 p***wet through with 2 hours sleep i tell thee yuo people have it easy the army dont care wht temp it is you get gloves and norweigians to wear thats the only extra winter wear you get you office peoples are lucky. and 7 degrees in the morning thats a warm morning your all maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
  • Winter is the worst time for me i work outside every day unless its raining,cant clean windows in the rain,we've had a crap summer and now winters here cold dark and wet.:crybaby: :crybaby: ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DOLLAR,i hope.
  • to tell the truth.. I LOVE winter! Because here in South Africa it's always hot (It's summer here:D ;)) Besides... I've never seen snow :huh: :unsure: *sniffs*
  • we cant stop here tghis is bat country i knew id seen that pixctue before feer and lving in las vegas
  • what's with the bad spelling sfjp?
  • Ahh it's finally winter around here. I sang in a choir yesterday and about turned into a Mel-sicle afterwards.:)
  • the night before included 14 botlles of carlsberg export and 2 bottles of champagne and 3 apple sours spelling wasnt at the hieght of my agenda.
  • I HATE winter, it's been snowing here aalll day! Cant skateboard in snow! :P
  • Snow boarding is better than skate boarding, despite it being much more expensive.

    Have had bad experiances with skate boarding lol
  • yeh i would go for the snowboarding option but always been a fan of skiing to be honest
  • Here in Jersey, we never get too much of the snow. You can see this storm heading our way and when it gets here, it either fades or splits to the either side of us. I WANT MORE SNOW!!!
  • is it really winter???
    im still sweating with shorts on
  • me 2...............
  • lucky you,ive got about for layers of clothing on...........its freezeing i tell thee.:eek:

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