Disc Not Spinning...tried other solutions that i found on site.
  • hey, i just landed my hands on a PSX and i decided to buy a little 15" TV and such to put in my bedroom, however. i put in GT2 and turn the beast on, i get a green light, no spin and the laser doesn't adjust itself like normal. this is extremely angering since i love GT2 and FF7... any help would be much appreciated (i've seen it work before) and i'm fairly enlightened when it comes to messing around with hardware so if it requires me to pop it open that i shall do such (also, all of the cables and plugs are in place, inside and out).
    Thanks in advance. :(
  • Sounds like the drive inside that PlayStation is kaput. If you are abslutely sure everything is connected properly you may have to look into getting a replacement drive. These are available at some online game stores and most likely on eBay.
  • yeah, that sounds about right, i had my fingers crossed that that wasn't the problem. i actually popped er open last night before i went to bed to find out that one of the wires for the mod chip was out of place...so i'm going to get a solder kit from work today and see if that's the problem =)
  • There's a detail you conveniently forgot to mention.

    I'll let you know now we don't approve the use of mod chips in the systems- all too often we've seen this being the cause of systems dying an untimely death (not to mention the potential piracy).
  • Help!!! I have no idea what I'm doing.. so I'm not doing it. I got a used original ps1.. came in mail.. it was loud, etc., laser wasn't moving freely and it was getting stuck at end toward the outside of the disc. Also, after start-up, the screen only shows options for "memory card" and "cd player". I have never seen an indication on the screen that the disc isn't reading.. But first it was spinning and being loud. I cleaned it like a ps site told me to do. Now it is quiet and not spinning. PLease tell me what to do - precisely.. And I will do it.. I want this to work!! I have some Tomba 2 to play! Thanks
  • i hate to be the bearer of bad news but sounds like its game over for the ps1 sorry mate you could always get your money back.