• Just wondering how many hookers have you got in your car?
    I was surprised to have three jump into my car.. :2devilish:

  • I have also had 3 at the same time in one car, they all jumped in when i parked inside Portland Harbour.
  • In normal time i've had 2 (didn't make any difference to energy though), but in the fuzzball mission i jacked a coach from the coach depot and picked up 7 hookers before completing the mission. That's a lot of ladies to be driving around with
  • Now isn't that cold...lol They have so much money on them its hard not to mug them
  • Man, and I was happy when I had 2 jump in!
  • Wait you got 7 at a time! In one car?! With what car? I got up to 5
  • I also got 7 at one time but that was on the fuzzball mission. The only way I managed it was by using a bus.

    Hookers are most definatly classified as a cash back bonus
  • i have had atleast two jump in my car at the same time. i was amazed the first time i saw this it was like, are they both going to screw me at the same time it was pretty funny if you ask me.
  • Wow I didn't think you could get that many at one time... I guess I'll have to drive around in a bus... :laugh3:
    You are right Gideon, you don't get anymore health know matter how many girls you have in there.....But a good cash flow. :thumbsup:
  • :2devilish: I got 7 in a bus in the "Fuzzball" mission. I went for 8 but it told me "You don't wanna bruise the merchandice" or sumpin' like dat'.
  • man if you got to screw 8 at one time imagine where your health would be