Lego star wars 2 IV chapter 4
  • My son who is 6 has completed star wars 1 with my help of course lol. But we are stuck on star wars 2 IV a new hope chapter 4 we can only get so far and then we just do not know where to go or what we are meant to be doing as anyone got any tips to help us finish this level as we have done well so far but now it is driving me and my son mad more so me as he keeps getting stroppy cause he can not finish it!!
  • Well, i think we can help you (and your son) out a bit. B) What portion of that chapter is it exactly that is causing the confusion? makes it a bit easier to know where to start giving instructions from. ;)
  • Hey! i'm sure i could help me and my friend completed the levels and we only have a few more things to do ( we are like 77% done) what part of the chapter are you stuck at? and maybe you could help with some of the minikits that we cant find :D