first or third person?
  • I'm not that much of a lover of first person games there is the odd exception...rainbow six black on the PS2 but rainbow six had that third person element in it which i liked can duck and dive when u have a third person game in a first person game u can barely duck behind a wall mind dive. i like to see a person as apposed to just an arm with a weapon i get more into games if i can see who im in control off,but im finding that most of the games that have been released action wise are first person shooters,thats my opinion anyway. whats your opinion????? :)
  • If third person is more your thing you will definitely enjoy Uncharted: Drake's Fortune when it arrives over there.

    I'm with you regarding the FPS games- never really cared for them other than the rare one such as Resistance: Fall of Man. I much rather go at it in third- person games.

    This really didn't need to go into Customer Service. To be honest, this could make a good discussion in the PlayStation Discussion area- I'll move this up there.
  • To me it doesn't matter too much either way. The only time it matters is when they go too far and mess something up. Like Lyndon said, Uncharted and Resistance pull off their respective perspectives (;)) perfectly, so I can't fault either, and they have gotten the most play out of any of my PS3 games by far because of this.

    The only recent one that really messed it up (And my main reason for not buying it is because of this) would be Stranglehold. All you have to do is play the demo to see that it is extremely annoying to be all up on the guy like they have it. He is way too obstructive, and if I remember correctly, you have to look through his invisible body at times in the middle of a gunfight. The demo had lots of other stupid problems, but I found the view to be horrible, and it's a shame they went that way just to show the player that his character looked like Chow Yun.

    So yeah, I don't care either way. Just so long as they don't go overboard and mess it up.
  • i do like resistance fall of man one of the very few good games out at the mo,i must agree with you about stranglehold i also played the demo and didnt think much to it either. thanks for that lyndon,im still trying to get the hang of this posting thing.:redface:
  • I actually like it.
    It's a good game (If you play the full version)
    I must say the demo sucks
    I bought the game before I downloaded the demo.
    It's worth my ca$h
  • I for one love the FPS, If you haven't I agree, you are limited to what your character can do in first person vs third...
  • i dont think resistance does much that other fps dont but i still like it. Personaly i dont take much bother in that u cant see ur body, i cant imagine playing hardcore first person shoters like half life with the over the shoulder came
    Thrid person shooter is a developing race of games though. it allows for more jumping and rolling which can help reazlie a 3d demention of figting. Games like Star wars battle front do a good job at 3'd person shooters and games like brothers in arms do a good job leting u know ur playing a person even though its a fps
  • kane and lynch did no justice to 3rd person shooters however graw2 proved 3rd person games can still be highly involving and intese to play, though im still 50/50 as long it a good game wich kane and lynch isnt i really dont mind.
  • for driving games, I've always liked the third person view over any other. I couldn't tell you why except that I'm just used to it. For shooters, I like first person. The SOCOM series gave you both. I love games that give you the choice.
  • I'm with you on the driving games i cant do them in first person view at all,i would prefer to have the choice in shooters then i think it would cater for everyone's taste.
  • project gotham is far better in 1st person however a real joy to play in 1st person aswell as graturismo with a steering wheel
  • Well I'd say if you want a shooter, first person. But if you want something such as The Sims, Hitman, ect. than, third person. (Hitman is third person because its not actually a shooter, its more like a spy game);)
  • I like first person shooters. It gives you more of a reality feel for the game. Plus, aiming is much better for first person.
  • I am a third person...uh...person, I like the ability to see my characters movements on screen.
  • I like both, i have been playing FPS's non-stop since goldeneye on the N64 and LOVE them !!!!! Some people take to FPS's rather than 3rd person views and the other way round i suppose it all depends on the individual.
    I love both though i really do, just look at Ratchet and Clank that isnt as good in First Person and Uncharted like MCW and Lyn said pulls it off perfectly too.
    Also Warhawk now that is an action packed 3rdPS and is excellent. Oblivion is brilliant because you can change the view to your liking or like me change the view constantly to fit the situation.
    I think there as god as each other, it depends on the type of game your playing.....

    So its really down to the individual, but personally i like both, i couldnt choose, both of them offer amazing gaming experiences and when used right are amazing.
  • Golden Eye Ruled Got Me In To First Person Aswell As Quake 2

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