Just my luck (continued)
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    It was true. I am South Africas newest millionaire.It felt like, like, heavenEverything around me seemed to halt. The man told me where to go.I got in my car and sped to the hall where I would get the $$$ (well, the RRR)I collected the money. I counted it. It was legit.The million was there.As I was driving home, I said to myself, smiling "Just my luck"
  • If only we had that same luxury here in the US where if we were feeling down we could enter the lotto and win.;)
  • haha.. Money makes the heart grow fonder... or is it absence
  • OK, so a million is great, but how much does that work out in US dollars or even British pounds? well the pound is about double the dollar at the moment, or at least it was, so a million dollars is like only 500,000 pounds.

    Sorry, I know I'm putting a dampener on it, I'm just intrigued is all. :mellow:
  • If that word don't catch peoples attention then i dont know what does! "Million" 1, 2, or 3+ that just makes me think what exactly would i do with that much. In the U.S. that will go as far as i could see if i was being irresponsible. Oh, do i love that word...just sounds expensive.
  • What Is Shadow Actually A Millionare ?
  • Not anymore...

    Wifey wanted a car, jewellery, the works

    Son wanted a car, a phone, a PC

    Nothing for me :(
  • gutted bet its a nice car though mate merc or a jag ?
    tried sending you requests for cod4 last nite and tio shootem high no reply where you in a descent match or sommet?
    oh yeah sorry about my brother i was in the room while he was going mental to be honest i was laughing me head off not to bad at impresions though ignore the blood diomand impression cos i told him you whwere from sa.
  • Nah tis fine as for the car, R138 000 + R569 000 (Son + Wifey)

    Only had enough to buy myself a game (Call Of Duty 4) which cost R495.95
  • we got another crew mwmber the shark dude gonna join API global domination is only a stones through away.

    okay I'm shutting up now
  • what do you wreckon to that idea though i think would be cool if we where filling out a free for all or a full ground war side with API, gonna get resistance on thursday again wanna try that online gotta wait 2 weeks for me warhawk wich is guttin i really wanna play that have you had a do at it yet. Is there a game you can strongly recommend me shaddow i wreckon i trust your opinion.
  • hmmmm......

    I see you're getting Resistance.....

    My saying is save your £. Because better games are coming soon like GTA IV, Burnout, MGS4. Unless you buy a second hand game...

    If you can, buy Ratchet and Clank TOD. if you aren't a fan, then buy FEAR
  • yeh FEAR sounds good when GTA due out and MG cant wait for that dowloaded all trailers and that looks fantastic the ingame trailer for metal gear is unbeleavable im not gonna see sun lite when they come out i tell thee.
  • Me too, I'll never leave the house

    As for GTA IV, it's coming in europe on 25 April