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    So yesterday my sister returned from Abilene an hour after she was supposed to due to the lousy plane being delayed, but that's not what I'm frustrated over. I'm thrilled to have her home again because it made me really uncomfortable and jealous even seeing people talk and hang out with their sisters and knowing they have a lot of fun with them and mine was at least 2000 miles away.So now she's home and it's frustrating me because she's gone back to where she was when she left. Not even ten minutes after she arrived back at our house, she was on the phone with the stupid boy who was the source of her need for counseling and begging my parents to take her over there. He was over at midnight last night! My boyfriend would know better.
  • Oh no, I'm so sorry Mel. I won't mention anything about what happened, well what you told me, but I know how bad that guy was for your sister, and now she's hanging out with him again?
    You should send some of the APi "gang" round his house. I'll grant them leave of absence as it's for a "special occasion" ;) hehe

    Have a good rest of the day Mel, speak soon hun :hug: