I know what you're thinking
  • I found this thing online. The thing about it is that is works on everyone I tried it on.

    It's called The Online Mind Reader

    Check it out, its freaky
  • Well that's pretty cute there shaddow. I think I flubbed it up a bit though. The first time it showed the correct symbol but the second time it didn't.:confused:

    Maybe it's just tired.;)
  • I think I scarred it, the page crashed several times while trying to read my mind....I can't blame it, it scares me too. :)
  • OK that's a bit weird in a way. Something is definitely up. It's obviously a trick. I mean there is only a limited number of symbols it can be. If there were 99 different symbols, however, then it would be very impressive indeed.
  • But it's a wide variety
  • I suppose there are a few, just would be better with much much more...
  • i know how it works now but most admit had me scratching my head first couple times :0
  • very weird/cool!
  • Tried it 15 times, missed once! kinda creeped out - gonna crawl back in my hole!!!
  • I found it out..It leaves more of the symbols on the page then others, last time i did it 9 and 10 were both the same then the last time i did it they were both different...