Me, Myself and I (2)
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    Jay's Blog said:OK, so it's been like four months practically which is far too long a time to have left it for an update.Maybe I should split this into a couple of smaller blogs, I dunno, I might do that; I'll see how it goes.

    So first things first...

    I got accepted into Leeds Metropolitan University and am now a studier of Higher Education, so yay me, lol.
    Anyway, I have successfully handed in all the assignments I have had up to christmas. I struggled with some, breezed through with others, but in the end they all got handed in.
  • Congrats on getting into Leeds Jay! I have a lot of respect for those that make an effort to better themselves with more education. I myself, never did....just high school. But I'm content with that now due to finding a career that treats me well. I wish you all the luck I am able to hand over.

  • Cheers man, means a lot when people take time out from their busy lives just to say something nice to somebody else.
    I appreciate it, I really do :)
  • Yep, 2008 is a gonna be BIG.... as EA woudl say... I'm personally looking out for MGS4, Killzone 2 and GT5.... though I'm still blown away by Drake's Fortune, I've put a review on my main website....
    Congrats on the Uni place, hope it all goes well for ya and in between studies I hope you find plenty of time to make your first Eye Camera Movie....
    Burnout Paradise is a good looking game and I love the Demo and the fact you can go online, but not sure I'll get it when it comes out, not a massive Burnout franchise fan, but will look at getting Paradise for my game collection... one of the things I lov about Paradise is the fact they got DJ Atomica from SSX fame.... and I really hope they bring out an SSX for the PS3... but I hope it's a whole lot better than SSX On Tour.... still think SSX3 was the best in the franchise....
  • I would like to get FF13, but I'll have to wait until it's already been owned for awhile before I can get it. I still don't have enough moolah to fork over for a PS3.

    Anyway, glad your christmas was a good one my friend.
    Have you received the package I sent ya for Christmas? I sure hope so. I'm starting to get a wee bit worried about it.:(