Old member
  • Hi, sorry for my absence.

    I must have been a really good boy this year, a 80gb PS3 was under the tree for me!

    I am sure I will have lots of questions and as always be willing to help out when I can.

    Feels good to be back.
  • happy gaming you lucky lucky person
  • It's about time you made it back you big lug.;) I was wondering where you had made it off to.:)

    Oh and congrats on the new "baby".;)
  • welcome back T-Rex
  • Nice to see the oldies returning!!!

    Nice one on the pressie - Santa not been told about your antics this year eh?
  • Where the H-E-double hockey sticks have you been, you crazy Canuck?!

    Must have initiated some kind of "early release program" up there.:p

    Always good to see another geezer return! Welcome back!
  • Welcome back!!! another Api legewnd returns have fun man! :0
  • Good to see you, Rex!

    Membership in the Geezer collective is a few years away yet Chris, but it is good to see a familiar avatar.

    The new big version of the old gray box is a sexy beast, ain't it Rex? Enjoy it in good health, amigo.
  • Thanks guys and gals.

    Once I get caught up on some things around here I am sure I'll be back to my old self, good or bad I'll let you guys decide.

    Yes Wreckin' (can I still call you that?) the black box is a sexy sight indeed, not quite as sexy as my beautiful wife but sexy none the less.

    Crap, she can't read this any way. Wasting my good lines in here won't get me any where.
  • Awww Rex ya big softie ya...:redface:

    and another :redface: because I am so late in welcoming you back, we need to get a few more of the ol' crowd back here, get a lil more activity goin.