Already Having probs with COD4
  • I've only had the game for three days and I'm already complaining...
    On COD4 I start a game...
    I see someone not too far away... (He's one of those blind ones)
    *gameplay event*

    It was one helluva war, bullets flying every where.
    I see a stupid guy just sitting. I'm afraid he'll see me so I stay at a nice distance...

    I start going crazy, accurately I shoot at him on his back.
    I empty a WHOLE clip on him, he turns around looks at me, I'm still reloading.
    Three shots *bang bang bang* I'm dead
    This is getting frustrating.

    I'm at a low level because of this.
    When I throw a grenade. The arm swings, but the grenade goes 4 secs later.
    This also happens when I return a grenade, the R2 thing is there, but as he throws the grenade, BOOM it blows in my hand :angry:

    I checked by pressing start, at the right, there is a meter or something.
    Mine is 1 bar (Red) while others are 3-5 bars (Green)

    [highlight]I'm about to break this game into little tiny pieces and laugh while doing so.[/highlight]
  • The thing is, when I host a private game with Steel or Sfjp, everything is fine
  • That bar is, i think, your connection level to the server you are in. You are running into this because of lag- if you can try playing on servers that are closer to your location.
  • Lyndon is right, its a server issue. I get that some times too. Not often though. The lag happens especially in the eves when a lot of people are on at once. When it gets bad enough, its not worth playing and I walk away from it for a while.
  • how do I play on those servers
  • My suggestion about different servers was based on the fact some games have a selection of servers to choose from. You usually get to pick one at the start of entering the online mode. If CoD 4 doesn't have this (not my sort of game) nec's suggestion would be best- try again later when there may not be as much traffic.
  • okay thanx Nodnyl & Xenihsorcen
  • COD4 does not have this option. Its one of the things that I dont like about it. You keep hearing me bring up a game called SOCOM. They have severs you can choose AND what games/rooms to join in those individual servers. I'm hoping that Infinity Ward fixes this issue.
  • like counter strike the most famous and probably the best ever fps online except could be cheeted with really easy as on pc.
  • i have the red dot problem, the 6000 bullets into an opponent to thier 3 bullets into me saga aswell, if i were to upgrade my net speed (its 512kps atm) to say 1.5mps. i would see a quicker connection? and a balance in my current ratio in bullets???

    Perhaps living in aust also affects my server connection?
  • Your connection speed is fine, its your PING speed that is causing the problem.

    A low 'ping' time is crucial when playing first person shooters, as its the time it takes for your PS3 to talk to the machine that is hosting the game.

    A great ping time would be about 50ms (milliseconds), whereas anything over 150 would be considered slow (laggy). If the computer hosting the game is a long way away, then this time could be as high as 250ms. If you are hosting a private game then your ping time is 0ms.

    These times are tiny, but in a game like this, if your opponent always sees you a quarter of a second before you see him, then you are at a real disadvantage. Worse still, if he is moving, then you are shooting at where he WAS a quarter of a second a go, rather than where he is now... which is why you are missing him.

    Games try to compensate for slight differences in ping times, but if yours is too high, then you will have the above problems

    There are three primary causes of high ping times:

    1 - If you are using a wireless connection for this type of game you should switch to a cabled connection. In theory modern wireless connections should not cause problems, but in practice they nearly always cause this kind of lagging-out (high ping times)

    2 - play games that are hosted on a computer as close to you as possible. Never play a game with a RED connection, only ever play on servers with 4 or 5 bars (if there is a 5 bar available ALWAYS choose that one).

    3 - your broadband provider can alter your connection settings to give you a faster ping time. There is a setting that will reduce your pings by about 50ms - it is called 'Interleaving' and is switched ON by most broadband suppliers by default as it makes your line slightly more stable and able to download at faster speeds.
  • do I have to change my giga byte program to get a faster connection speed?

    Mine is currently 2 giga bytes.
  • Lyndon is correct, if you play on servers that a far way you end up with a high ping time and it makes it feel like certain people are cheating.

    This is the very reason why Sony stopped European gamers playing against American or Japanese gamers when the PS3 first came out as it causes all sorts of problems.

    In driving games all that happens is that the person with the high ping has a car that appears to be very jumpy (appearing and disappearing), which is annoying but not usually fatal.

    In shooting games, every 25ms that you can reduce your ping time by, will improve your scores simply due to the fact that you will see your enemies before they see you.

    SFJP is correct about Counter Strike... gamers spend ridiculous amounts of time tweaking the game settings to make their ping time as low as possible because they know that eliminating 'lag' improves their scores.
  • Shaddow, if you have over 256kb (0.25 Giga Bytes) broadband then your connection is fast enough to play these games.

    PING is very different to this figure... its the caused by the distance from your PS3 to the place that is actually running the online game (the host).

    If you are in South Africa and you fire your gun, the signal has to go all the way to the USA to tell the COD online server that you have fired, but that journey takes so long that the guy has moved by the time your signal gets there, so you miss him.

    If you play a game hosted in Europe the journey is much shorter, but the best option would be to play on COD games hosted in your own country.

    hope this makes sense.
  • ok so how do you change your ping setting
  • Ping is not a setting you can change, funk- it's the amount of time it takes for data to go from you to its destination and back to you again. Having a decent broadband connection helps a bit with this but the best way to shorten ping times is simply try to play on game servers that are as close to you as possible.
  • YESSSSSSSSSSSS,i new i wasnt crap at this game it's the "ping thing".i have some of these problems when playing i shoot reload shoot some more make a cup of tea shoot some more and he's still not gone down,he's right behind me.
    i new there had to be a reason shadow keep's kicking my ass............:p
  • ^_^ You only figure that out now ^_^