Playstation randomly resets
  • My nephew was just given an original playstation for christmas with a slew of games. It loads the games properly, plays fine. Memory card works great. Everything seems to work fine.

    However, it randomly resets. It doesn't seem to follow a pattern either. Sometimes it will go 15mis before reset, sometimes 1 min.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance,
  • The system may be getting warm inside- it's possible the cooling fan may not be running at peak levels. You could try taking the vacuum hose and use it on the vents to try to suck out some of the lingering dust that may be inside.
  • Is the reset button loose at all? Is your power cord inserted firmly? Was this a used or a new system?
  • Haven't checked the Reset Button seating yet, will do that.

    Is there still such a thing as a *new* playstation??

  • They are very hard to come by but some stores may still have actual new PSOne systems. These says one would be likely better off buying a PS2 (or even a PS3 if one is feeling flush enough) for playing the PSOne games.