Online multiplayer
  • Iv had enough of the waiting times on COD4, i was wondering what you guys think are other good online games, i dont care what type of genre, just anything that beats the waiting times of COD4.

  • You might want to check out Warhawk for some multiplayer futuristic online action. Maybe if racing is your thing check out Motorstorm.

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  • Racing? Motorstorm? Forget that, just hold out until the end of this month. Three weeks time the best racing game out ever will be er out. Burnout Paradise is more than worth its weight in gold. If you haven't played the demo yet then I suggest you head to the Playstation Store and download it. Even the demo is brilliant, so just imagine how good the full game will be.
    The online game will be brilliant as well...just hold out for that, ok? :)

  • i cant beleive im saying this but need for speed pro street is actually really good for racing and really good for online play i would also recomend MK2 for online play but there some people out there that are really really good. Guitar hero 3 is also good for a laugh online but is rediclously expensive 75.00 in uk.
  • GHIII only comes out here in March
    But I also recommend it even though it is expensive (R900 that's R100 less than R1000)
    Resistance is a GREAT game.. A classic
  • yeh i need to buy that again i got it with the ps3 complated it then traded it in never got to experince the multiplayer but i imagine would be class. Cant wait for the second one it set it right up for a quality sequal hope to see that out soon.
  • im kinda leaning towards resistance, whats it like compared to COD4 online?
  • cod4 online is sheer brilliance to be honest ive posted some nasty things in the past regarding single player but the online is some of the best gaming ive ever done only second to battle field 2 on pc. Resistance ive not actually played online yet but played the entire single player it was a good game and i can imagine the multiplayer being just as good. Though cod4 is an essential game for the ps3 i really cant put then enthasise that enough is briliant. If i was you i would probably get both get resistance first due to low price bash that out for a bit then when cod4 gets a wee bit cheeper get that. But to be honest overall their both top games but i my self am definatley a call of duty 4 fan over resistance.
  • sorry about the spelling, in the Bl*ody store room again on lap top it be cold.
  • mate iv already got COD
  • oh sorry mate well yeh definatley get resistance then quality game.
  • faster connection times online compared to COD??
  • Wouldnt know to be honest, though i can tell you cod4 has the longest waiting times compared to nearly every game out there and it should run a hell of alot quicker than cod4 ive got a good collection of games now for the ps3 and all the ones ive played online put cod4 to shame in the way of speed and waiting times to connect.So yeh answering the question i would say yes.
  • Yeah it has faster connection times..... No lag:D
  • Yeah Resistance online = Quality!
    Servers are very, very decent no downtimes or waiting times. And the experience is class!!!
    An amazing game, cant wait for the sequel.......Fighting in Iceland and joining the Sentinels in the US......Cmon that sounds amazing..... And 60-player online battles and 8 player co-op...... :D:D