split scrren online gaming
  • How do lads and lasses just a quick question really, i have been getting nagged by my mates when they come round. This is because when playing games like cod4 only one of us can play online at any one time, i would really like some suggegstions to some games with splitscreen online capability any games and genres welcome for comment.
    Thanks again Samuel Pennington.
  • To be honest, I don't think there are any games that allow multiple players on the same console to play online.
    There are plenty of games where you can play multiplayer offline, but don't think there are any that allow you to do that online.

    I think online is mainly for when you've got nobody to play against at home so you choose to go online to beat somebody else half way round the world, or just down the street from you :laugh: lol.
    So yeah, as far as I can think, no game, so far, will allow two or more players, on one console, to play online at the same time.

    Sorry to disappoint you man :(
  • Jay's right, there are no games that allow this on the PS3. Until Sony can set up PSN to handle this you'll have to settle for fragging each other offline (or tell the cheapskates to get their own PS3 and get hooked up online at their place :p ).
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Jay's right...

    As amazing as that may seem; it does happen sometimes :laugh: lol
  • sound nice one guys, all of them xbox 360 people.
  • when they all get the "ring of death" they can get a PS3, lol
  • nope there hard core unfortunatley they'l continue to but the xbox though one traded it in for te wii then realsied its not a proper gamer console oh did i chuckle sily silly non ps3 people.