Cast Out and Chopped Off
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    So as many of you other gamers know, I have been very excited about the holiday season and receiving my gifts and such. Well, I received Guitar Hero III, which I have now beaten and am very proud of myself for doing so. I received Katamari Damasy, which my friend and I beat together a few days ago. Then I bought the next game I'm going to try to beat. It's called The Sims 2 Castaway. I've already spent probably a grand total of 10 hours playing it over the past few days but it was well worth the money I spent.
  • Awww, Mel, how could you? Chopping off your wonderful locks of hair. Well I hope you don't have it cut too short. Personally I'm a believer in a gril having her hair no shorter than shoulder length, but alas, it is your hair, obviously.
    Hope I get to see a before and after shot from you, would be quite good for you to do that actually :)

    Glad Sims Castaway is going well. I still haven't bought it, but I wanna get it for my Wii, but can't afford it :(
    I just wish they had released it for the PS3 as well, would have been a great game on the PS3 :D

    Anyway, hope your play was given good remarks and/or marks. I'm sure it was as you are most definitely a writer.

    Speak soon hun,


    ps I have not checked the post yet, but I'm thinking my pressie still has not arrived :(
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