WWE Smack Down V/S Raw 2007
  • How do you unlock the wrestlers that are automatically locked when the game is purchased?

    Also, when selecting the controller for a match what should you choose,
    "Load Profile" or the "Profile Name/Initial" you have already established and does this have anything to do with unlocking the locked contenders?
  • The majority of the locked legends wrestlers are unlocked by winning certain items. For example, winning the Wrestlemania trophy unlocks Hulk Hogan in the WWE Shop.
  • Thank you. How do you win those. Do you play exhibition games under your saved profile name or load profile under exibition games?
  • It (along with the other unlockables) have to be done in Season mode, not the exhibition. The trophies themselves have to be unlocked first as well. Here is a list of the trophies and how to unlock them:

    Armegeddon Trophy-----Win at the Armegeddon PPV in season mode.
    Backlash Trophy-----Win at the Backlash PPV in season mode.
    GM of the Year Trophy-----Beat the other brand's general manager by having the most fans at the end of the year.
    Legend Challenge Trophy-----Complete all of the Legend Challenges.
    Money in the Bank Trophy------Win a Money in the Bank match in Exhibition Mode under Legend difficulty.
    No Mercy Trophy-----Win at the No Mercy PPV in season mode.
    No Way Out Trophy------Win at the No Way Out PPV in season mode.
    Royal Rumble Trophy------Win the Royal Rumble match in season mode.
    Summer Slam Trophy------Win at the Summer Slam PPV in season mode.
    Superstar Challenge Trophy-----Complete all of the Superstar Challenges.
    Survivor Series Trophy-----Win at the Survivor Series PPV in season mode.
    Unforgiven Trophy------Win at the Unforgiven PPV in season mode.
    Vengeance Trophy------Win at the Vengeance PPV in season mode.
    Wrestlemania Trophy------Win at the Wrestlemania PPV in season mode.

    Once they are unlocked, winning each trophy will unlock a different legends wrestler in the WWE Shop.