Looking for a co-op game, please help!
  • Hey, I played Sniper Elite with my housemate and we loved it but have since tried, and failed to find anything similar

    It needs to:
    be 2 player co-op ie not network
    be the full game in co-op as in single player
    not require playing of missions in single player before being able to play them in co-op!

    These are the problems we've had with other games we've tried so please let me know if you know of any other game like sniper elite that fits the bill!!

  • If you have a PS3 then RFOM is the game for you
  • Yeh that looks amazing and will get PS3 when get enough ££$$!

    Any for PS2 to keep me going until then??
  • Not really like s.e. but Black is a cool FPS
  • Try star wars battlefront or tmnt