can u help me?
  • i am planning on buying a system, i don't know which system is better, PS3 OR XBOX 360? i am really buying so please be serious. thank you guys:D
  • i have previously owned a 360 , my brother still does and all my mates own a 360. I cannot tell you it is a bad console because its not. The games are good its relativley cheep and seems to be reliable and the customer service is outstanding. However i chose the 40gb ps3 . I did this for the online network,store and gaming. There is no subscription like the 360 and has built in wireless system instead of having to buy it like the 360. The controllers are far better for gamning and incredibly light. It has a blue rqay player wich can play brilliant movies. It's all a matter of opinion but i would advise the ps3 is the better oiption.
  • Considering we are a PlayStation site the answers you get my well get skewed into that direction. ;)

    I happen to have both systems and, to be honest, I'm wondering why i bothered buying the 360 as i never use it. Meantime the PS3 is going every day. All i can suggest is look at the games for each system, decide if you want to pay a subscription for online play and go from there.
  • i didn't know which one to buy so thank you guys
  • You might want to look at the thread "31 Reasons to get a PlayStation 3" on the PS Discussions page, that'll give you the reasons as to why you should get a PlayStation 3.

    Personally i think the PS3 is a much better console, just surf through some of the threads here, like the one entitled "PS3 VS 360 (Next Gen War)" and the one mentioned above and you will get plenty of views on the subject......;)
  • if you get tired of games fast you might want to choose the 360, being the game selection is larger, and much cheaper, i happen to own both as well, they sit right next to each other and get along well, i chose the 80 so i could ive my brother my ps2, and i still have ps1 games as well, i do have to agree on the likeness of the controller for the ps3, its plain and simple, and it is the same controller as started out with except for the knobs, but if you do get a ps3 and you dont like it you could always throw an os on it and enjoy a good pc! the only complaint i have about the ps3 is the charging process of the controller, you reckon if you put out a system which the controllers have o be charged on the systems, they give a cord longer than a foot.